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fill in the blanks for the planning process model

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Step 0 - Know the Sport

Step 1- Determine the Goal

Step 2-Know the athlete

Step 3-Plan to Bridge Difference

Step 4-Execute the Plan

Step 5- Review the assessment outcome against the plan

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How to know the athletes?

Observation, Interview, Test


What the different types of Goals?

Process goals

Performance goals

Outcome goals


To make your goal S.M.A.R.T., it needs to conform to the following criteria:

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely


To bridge the gap difference of athlete and goals, it needs to take into account FOCUS  PROGESSION. Focus is represented by Learning factor and Adaptation factor.  Name the elements in Learning factor that will affect performace:

Technical (development of motor skills)

 Tactical (development of plans and strategies)

 Psychological (mental, emotional conditions of athlete)


How to KNOW the SPORT?

Publication, Peer learning, Formal education, Forum, Observations


What is a session plan in sport coaching?

A map details how a coach to achieve training objectives in a single session. It would have details of objectives, duration, sequence & content, resources


A well considered session plan would have the following 6 components:


  1. Number of athletes
  2. Motivation+ intention 
  3. Available resources
  4. Competence +conditioning level
  5. Learning process+ Preference
  6. Training Load


Suggested by Foster (2001), this is the way to quantify Training Load:

RPE - Rate of perceived exertion-based.

It explains that training load should be perception score multipled by duration in minutes. e.g.8x40min=320 (AU)


Maximal Oxygen Uptake Test (VO2 max) described by Sinning in 1975, has been applied to measure ________

Aerobic capacity 


What does it mean to have ADAPTATION in the plan to bridge the difference in the Planning Process?

Adaptation refers to the fitness attributes required to enhance sport performance.e.g. endurance, flexibility, power, speed and coordination


Identify the proper sequence in the PLANNING PROCESS and put them in order:

(Label from 0-5)

Determine the Goal

Know the sport 

Know the athlete

Execute the Plan

Plan to Bridge Differences

Execute the Plan

Review the assessment outcome against the plan

there are 2 answers as the sequence for Step 1 and Step 2 is interchangeable


2, 0, 1, 4, 3, 5


1, 0, 2, 4, 3, 5



What is Periodisation?

a long term plan; the adjustment of training as the season progresses in a logical fashion through the manipulation of the volume and intensity of training, rest and the particular skills focused upon


The following are examples of Performance Goal except one, which one?

Bench press 100kg for 1 repetition

Bowl at score of 280

Follow through when shooting a basketball

Run 100m in 11sec


Follow through when shooting a basketball (Process Goal, whereby an individual aims to achieve mastery of techniques or tactics necessary for perormance)

*Performance Goals are performance targets that an individual aims to achieve


Which 1 of the following is an Outcome Goal?

Relaxed grip when sprinting

Win First Place in the National Championship

Run 100m in 12secs

Kick with fairly straightened legs when doing flutter-kicking in water

Win First Place in the National Championship


Good luck!

And may the Force be with you ~