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how do we extract lavender oil

1.plants are put into water and then boiled
2.oil and water evaporate
3. collect and condense the water and oil
4. water and other impurities are removed


are vegetable oils important

yes , provide nutrients and have high energy content

also make a good sources of biofuels like biodiesel


what's the difference between cooking foods in oil compared to water

- food cooks quicker in oil
- food is crispier and a different colour
-inside of food should be softer
- not as healthy


what are hydrogenated oils and what are they used for

oils that have been hardened

used for spreads,cakes, biscuit and pastry


what is hardening

changing a vegetable oil into something that is a sold at room tempreture

they have a higher melting point than vegetable oils


how do you harden a vegetable oil

add hydrogen to the oil (replaced the c=c bonds) and makes them c-c single bonds

must use a nickel catalyst at about 60*C!!!


how do we extract oils from a rapeseed plant

1. find oils in deed of the plant
2. seeds are then crushed and pressed
3.impurities are removed from the oil


does hardening make oil healthier


adding hydrogen to unsaturated fat reduces the number of C=C

so there will be less saturated fat available and more saturated fat instead


what are used for plant oils

- converted into consumer products

- can be hardened to make MARGERINE

- biofuels can be produced from them


what would cook food faster out of water and oil and why

oil because it has a higher boiling point so can cooks foods at higher tempreture a meaning they cook faster


what are the effects of hardening

the hydrogenated oils have higher melting points so are solids at room tempreture

so useful as spreads and in cakes