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what does immiscible mean

two substances that don't dissolve in eachother


how do you make an emulsion

make oil into very small droplets that spread out through water to create an emulsion


what are emulsions make from vegetable oils used for

salad dressings
Ice cream


what do emulsifiers do

keep immiscible substances mixed so they don't separate into layers


how do emulsifiers work

1. shake oil so it is tiny droplets to make an emulsion

The The head of the emulsifying molecule is hydrophilic likes and dissolves in water

The tale of them finally kill is hydrophobic and it repeals water and dissolves in oil

so it forms a stable suspension


what is the food additive

A substance added to feed to preserve it all to improve taste texture or appearance


what are E numbers

they are given food additives by Europe and are used to identify them


how do you know supplies make it more tempting to eat fatty food is

emulsifies make that more edible in foods it makes a creamier and the good texture which makes it more tempting for us to eat


what are the benefits of having vegetable oils as part of my diet

-they are a source of nutrients like vitamin E
-they help your arteries clear
-reduce the chance of you having a heart disease
-lower bad cholesterol


what what are the consequences of eating saturated oold

-make your heart clog up
-increased risk of heart disease


what is an emulsion

a mixture of liquids that do not dissolve in eachother

like oil and water