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Would you expect the daughter plant to be haploid or diploid?

Because of mitosis


Give one method,other than runners, and not involving seeds, that is used by horticulturists to produce new plants.

Tissue culturing/ cutting


What is meant by vegetative propagation?

Form of asexual reproduction in plants.
Only one plant is required and no gametes or seeds are formed.
A new plant is produced from the root, shoot, leaves or bud of parent plant.


Horticulturist use a number of methods to artificially propagate plants. Suggest one.

Plants produced are identical to parent plants so horticulturists knows exactly what is going to be produced


Describe two methods used by horticulturists to artificially propagate plants.

CUTTING: a shoot is removed from parent plant? usually treated with root powder and placed in water to develop roots.
GRAFTING: is where shoot of one plant is grafted on to the roots of another plant. Used to combine the best of two plants into one.


Give two differences between vegetative propagation and propagation involving seeds.

SEEDS: does not produce identical offspring- always some variation
- ensures seeds are dispersed away from parent plant
Vegetative: offspring will be adjacent to parent plant


Give two methods of dispersal to the plant:

Wind or animals


Give two advantages of dispersal to the plant

1)New plants are not competing with with parent for limited resources
2) seed dispersal increases chance of survival for the plant


What term is used for the type of asexual reproduction that produces the daughter plant?

Vegetative propagation