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viruses are examples of obligate parasites. explain why this is the case.

a virus cannot survive on its own, it needs a host in order to survive


give an example of how virus might be beneficial to mankind.

genetic engineering / cancer treatment


briefly describe how a virus replicates.

ATTACHMENT: virus attaches to host cell
ENTRY: viral nucleic acid pushed trough hole in host cell. Protein coat remains outside
SYNTHESIS: host DNA inactivated, viral nucleic acid uses host organelles to make new viral acid and proteins
ASSEMBLY: new viruses are made in host cell
RELEASE: host cell bursts releasing new viruses


Name economic and medical importance of viruses.

economic/ crop damage /human medical costs
medical importance/ genetic engineering / used in medical research


what are the two main biochemical components of a virus particle?

DNA or RNA / protein


Name two diseases caused by viruses

chicken pox


give beneficial application of a virus.

genetic engineering
cancer treatment


What is an antibiotic?

substance produced by microorganisms to kill harmful bacteria.


Name other benefit of virus.

can be used to transfer genes from one organism to another.


Name two types of lymphocytes and state a role of each when viruses or other microorganisms enter the blood.

B-cells / produce antibodies
T-cells / recognize and destroy infected or damaged cells


Comment briefly on the difficulty on classifying viruses as living organisms.

they have no cellular structures / they consist of protein coat surrounding a strand of either DNA or RNA