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What should the P/F Ratio Be at for extubation



What should the respiratory muscle strength Be at for extubation

MIP or NIF at -20 cmH20


Extubation for trach

If a patient is unable to maintain an airway for extubation they are a good candidate to get a trach


Extubation for Non-invasive PPV

If a patient is able to maintain an airway but can not maintain spontaneous breathing for extubation they are a good candidate for no invasive PPV


Cuff Leak Test

1) Asses patient for spontaneous breathing
2) Suction
3) deflate cuff
4)Occule endotracheal tube breifly
5) if they are unable to breath around a deflated cuff then laryngeal edema should be suspected


After 30-120 min of a SBT patients that can be extubated should have

resolution of disease state
Hemodynamic stability
adequate oxygenation-low FiO2, PEEP
Adequate vent status-PacO2, normal pH


an extubation is considered successful when

Patient remains stable and extubated for 24 hours