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To be (present)

sum, esse, fuī, futūrus - 'to be'

sum -I am
es-you are
est-she is

sumus-We are
éstis-y’all are
sunt-they are


I will be-Future Simple

erō - I will be
eris -You will be
erit - She will be

érimus-We will be
éritis-Y’all will be
erunt-They will be


I was-Imperfect

eram-I was
erās -You were
erat-She was

erā́mus-We were
erā́tis-Y’all were
erant-They were


I have been-Perfect

fuī-I have been
fuistī-You have been
fuit-She has been

fúimus-We have been
fuístis-Y’ll have been
fuḗrunt-They have been


I shall have been-Future Perfect

fúerō-I shall have been
fúeris-You will have been
fúerit-She will have been

fuérimus-We shall have been
fuéritis-Y’ll shall have been
fúerint-They will have been


I had been-(pluperfect)

fúeram-I had been
fúerās-You had been
fúerat-She had been

fuerā́mus-We had been
fuerā́tis-Y’all had been
fúerant-They had been


To Love (present tense)

amō, amāre, amāvī, amātum, I love.

amō-I love
amās-You love
amat-She loves

amā́mus-We love
amā́tis-Y'all love
amant-They love


I will love-(simple future)

amā́bō-I will love
amā́bis-You will love
amā́bit-She will love

amā́bimus-We will love
amā́bitis-Y’all will love
amā́bunt -They will love


I used To Love (imperfect)

amā́bam-I was loving, I used to love
amā́bās-You were loving, you used to love
amā́bat-she was loving, she used to love

amābā́mus-We were loving, We used to love
amābā́tis-Y’all were loving, Y’all used to love
amā́bant-they were loving, they used to love


To Love (perfect)

amā́vī-I loved (I have loved this)
amāvístī-You loved
amā́vit-She loved

amā́vimus-We loved
amāvístis-Y’all loved
amāvḗrunt-They loved


I will have loved (future perfect)

amā́verō-I will have loved
amā́veris-You will have loved
amā́verit-She will have loved

amāvérimus-We will have loved
amāvéritis-Y’all will have loved
amā́verint-They will have loved


I had loved (pluperfect)

amā́veram-I had loved
amā́verās-You had loved
amā́verat-She had loved

amāverā́mus-We had loved
amāverā́tis-Y’all had loved
amā́verant-They had loved