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Where do the superior and inferior gluteal arteries pass, and what do they supply?

Greater sciatic foramen, to supply gluteal muscles and hip.


Trace the course of the external iliac artery down the leg.

External iliac --> femoral --> popliteal --> anterior tibial artery + posterior tibial artery --> medial + lateral plantar arteries.


What does the anterior tibial artery supply?

Anterior compartment of leg. Crosses the ankle to become the DORSALIS PEDIS artery.


What does the posterior tibial artery supply?

Posterior compartment of the leg. Divides into the medial + lateral plantar arteries.


Where does the profunda femoris pass?

From femoral artery around the neck of the femur.


Identify the arteries which supply the 3 compartments of the thigh.

Anterior - femoral
Medial + Posterior - profunda femoris.


Which important artery in the thigh contributes to an anastomosis.

Profunda femoris.


What are the superficial veins of the leg?

Dorsal venous arch (drains medially into great saphenous vein and laterally into lesser saphenous vein), Great saphenous vein and small saphenous vein.


Where does the great saphenous vein lie?

anterior leg. passes medially up the leg and drains into the femoral vein at the femoral triangle.


Where does the lesser saphenous vein lie?

lateral foot to posterior leg. Terminates as the popliteal vein.


Which vein is the venae comitantes of the anterior + posterior tibial artery?

Popliteal vein. It passes through the popliteal fossa, through the adductor hiatus to become the FEMORAL VEIN.


Which 2 pathological processes (amongst others) can occur in veins?

Varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis.


Which vein do most lymph vessels of the lower limb follow?

Great saphenous. From there, they drain into superficial lymph nodes inferior to the inguinal ligament. A small amount from the lateral heel and leg drain in nodes near the small saphenous vein into the nodes near the great saphenous vein near the popliteal fossa.


Which areas are drained of lymph by the inguinal lymph nodes?

Lower limb, anterior wall of trunk (below umbilicus), posterior wall of trunk (below iliac crest), perineum (between legs).