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What are the vital causes for the way Ruthergen Muscat tastes?

1) Passirillage - grapes are left to hang on the vine and raisinate in dry hot summer
2) short skin maceration followed by immediate fortification by 96° grape spirit
3) aging in neutral wood (more aging, more rancio character, moves up in classification). some producers use solera.
4) red grape!


What are the classifications for Rutherglen Muscat / Topaque and

Rutherglen Muscat/Topaque: Avg Age 3-5 years, 180-240g/l RS.
Classic Muscat/Topaque: Avg Age 6-10yrs, 200-280 g/l.
Grand Muscat/Topaque: Avg Age 11-19yrs, 270-400 g/l.
Rare muscat/topaque: Avg Age 20+, 270-400g/l.


What grapes make up Rutherglen Muscat? Topaque?

Muscat: Brown Muscat (muscat de frontignan/muscat rouge a petite grains)

Topaque: Muscadelle


Name three producers of fortified muscat in Rutherglen

All Saints, Morris, Campbells, Chambers, Stanton & Killeen, Rutherglen Estates, Buller, Pfeiffer.


Difference in flavor between Rutherglen Muscat and Rutherglen Topaque

Topaque: tea, toffee, honey, fruit-- lighter (white grape)
Muscat: Coffee, caramel, chocolate, raisin (red grape)


If a Rutherglen Muscat has been aged less than 20 years but has 270-400g/l RS, what classification might it be?

Grand Muscat (avg age 11-19 yrs.)


Bass Philip Reserve Pinot Noir is from what GI?

South Gippsland Zone, Victoria. One of the top Pinot Noir producers and bottlings in the country.


Mount Mary "Quintet" is from where/

Yarra Valley, Victoria. Cab blend, top bottling in Victoria according to Langton's.


Giaconda Chardonnay is from where?

Beechworth, Victoria. Top bottling of Chardonnay in Victoria according to Langtons.


Name the 6 zones of Victoria

Port Philip, Central Victoria, North East Victoria, North West Victoria, Western Victoria, Gippsland


Bendigo, Heathcote, and Goulburn Valley are in what Victoria zone?

Central Victoria


Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong and Macedon Ranges are in what Victoria zone?

Port Philip


Rutherglen is famous for making fortified Muscat? What nearby GI also focuses on this style?

Glenrowan, North East Victoria


Pyrenees are located where in Australia?

Western Victoria


Nagambie Lakes is a subregion of Where?

Goulburn valley, Central Victoria


Tahbilk is an important and one of the first commercial wineries in Victoria. Where is it locatred?

Nagambie Lakes, Goulburn Valley, Central Victoria


the Mount Camel Range gives elevation influence to what Victoria GIs?

Heathcote and Bendigo


Swan Hill and Murray Darling overlap what other Australian states?

Victoria & New South Wales


Climate of Yarra Valley?

Cool mediterranean with maritime influence, region 1, pinot noir, chard, cool climat shiraz, bdx grapes


Name a producer from Yarra Valley

Yarra Yering, Mount Mary ("Quintet" is famous), Chatea Yarrinya, Domaine Chandon, Coldstram HIlls.


What is "The Rip"?

A small channel that connects Port Philip Bay with the Bass Strait and Southern Ocean where strong southwesterlies (polar air) cool the Port Philip Zone, including Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula.


Where do the Macedon Ranges have climatic influence? What is produced best here?

Port Philip, where elevation in the north keeps temperatures cool and growing season long for Sunbury and Macedon Ranges GI. Sparkling Wine is big here, and is coolest spot on Continental Australia.


Where might Durif be found in Victoria?

Rutherglen table wines


Where did Pommery winemaker Charles Pierlot make Australia's first ever traditional method bubbles in 1890?

Great Western GI, a subregion of Grampians GI in Western Victoria Zone.