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What is Tuart?

Fertile grey dusty sandy soil found in Geographe, Peel, Southwest Australia, and Western Australia


What are the subregions of Great Southern GI?

- Albany
- Denmark
- Frankland River
- Mount Barker
- Porongurup


What is karri?

Deep red fertile soil that experiences excessive vigor problems


When was the first vineyard planted in Western Australia?

1829 in Swan Valley by Thomas Waters


What are the four rivers of Frankland River GI?

- Frankland
- Gordon
- Kent
- Tone


What are the subregions of South West Australia Zone?

- Blackwood Valley
- Geographe
- Great Southern
- Manjimup
- Margaret River
- Pemberton


What are the subregions of Greater Perth Zone?

- Peel
- Perth Hills
- Swan District


The first bottle of red wine commercially
released in Margaret River.?

1972 Vasse Felix Caberent Sauvignon/Malbec


What are the zones of Western Australia?

-South West Australia
-Greater Perth
-Central Western Australia
-West Australian South East Coastal
-Eastern Plains, Inland & North of Western Australia


Where is South West Australia and what are its GI's

South West Australia is in West Australia
GIs of South West Australia:

-Margaret River GI
-Geographe GI
-Blackwood Valley GI
-Manjimup GI
-Pemberton GI
-Great Southern GI


What are the most important GI's, Geographical features and climatic influences of Western Australia?

Margret River, Geographe, and Great Southern GI lies within the South West Australia Zone and are the most important GI of Western Australia.

An important thing to remember about Western Australia:
All viticulture is confined to the coastal regions; north of the coast is to warm for sustainable viticulture.

The climate of Western Australia is still sub-tropical...

Swan Valley, a sub-region of Swan District, is the hottest region in Australia and also the site of the first vineyards in WESTERN Australia.

Perth is the capital city.