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War powers act

Put strict limits on the presidents powers to use the armed forces without congressional approval. Passed in 1973


My Lao massacre

A massacre of hundreds of Vietnamese civilians in 1968


Domino theory

The theory that when one nation falls to communism that the ones around is are at risk of falling to communism



Policy having south Vietnam take over the war


New frontier

Kennedy's domestic program which aimed to increase support for education, anti poverty programs, and medical aid for the elderly. Also helped to cut taxes, raise the minimum wage, ban racial discrimination, and increase defense spending


Great society

President Lyndon Johnson's domestic reform program from 1965 to 1969, which focused on social welfare improvements, with the war on poverty at it centerpiece, and on with all of which Congress passed


Viet Minh

The Vietnamese movement led by Ho Chi Minh against foreign occupation, first against the Japanese during World War II and then against the French occupation


Geneva accords

A series of international agreements the set rules for proper conduct towards sick and wounded enemy soldiers and the civilians who take care of them


Hawks and doves

The hawks believed that due to the agression of North Vietnamese it forced us into the war. They thought that the United States should do what ever is necessary to win. Doves think that the problem in Vietnam is a civil war. They thought that the United States had no right to be in their conflicts.


Yet offensive

A major offensive in 1968 by Vietcong and NVA soldiers that resulted in growing opposition among Americans to the war


New left

Political movement forward by student activist in the 1960s to promote traditional American ideal such as allowing all people to take an active role in government


Silent majority

The silent majority is an unspecified large majority of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly


Ho Chi Minh

Communist leader of north Vietnam


Robert McNamara

Robert S. McNamara was an American business executive and the eighth U.S. Secretary of Defense. He is best known for helping lead the U.S. into the Vietnam War.


Ngo dinh diem

U.S. Supported presidential candidate for south Vietnam


Golf of Tonkin resolution

Gave the president all necessary measures to repel any attack on the U.S.