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What will the speech bubble look like if the person is speaking

The bubble will have a short arrow pointing in the direction of the speaker


What will the bubble look like when there are more than one person speaking

It is important to go in order, from left to right, in which they speak


What will the bubble look like if the person is thinking

The bubble will have a series of circles descending in size pointing in the direction of the speaker instead of an arrow


What will a bubble of rage look like

A thunderous cloud


What will a bubble of love look like

Small hearts around or in the bubble


What will singing be shown as

Little music notes will be added in or outside the bubble


What will a sad or angry bubble look like

It will have jagged icicles at the bottom of the bubble


What is the dialogue sometimes replaced with in a bubble

Images , this lets us decide what the character is thinking


What will swearing look like

It will be replaced with assorted symbols like lightning, skulls, bombs, starts, crossbones... etc


What will scream bubbles look like

They will have a bolder outline or jagged lines. The letter will also often be larger and bolder than usual


What will a broadcast bubble look like

Also known as radio bubble. They may have a jagged tail and a squared-off of or jagged outline. The letter are sometimes italicised. Broadcast bubbles indicate that the speaker is speaking through an electronic device or that it is robotic.


What will a whisper bubble look like

Usually have a dashed or dotted outline. The words are usually printed in grey and are small. This shows that it is softer than most speaking because most text is printed in black


What will an icicle bubble look like

It will have jagged icicles on the lower edge of the bubble. This represents hostility. This is similar to speech bubbles of a monster representing dripping blood or slime


What do coloured bubbles look like

They convey the emotion that goes with the speech. Red= anger, green= envy. Coloured bubbles are not used very often in modern day bubbles


What is a caricature

The main difference between a caricature and drawing a portrait of someone is the intentional distortion of the subject in a caricature. In order to keep the likeness you need to minimise the features that are minimised on the subject and maximise the features that are maximised on the subject