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Ostracize v.

To exclude; to make an outcast

Holden felt like he was ostracized by the people he encountered in everyday life.


Compulsory adj.

Required; mandatory; obligatory

Holden did not follow the compulsory requirements needed to retain enrollment at Pencey Prep.


Sadistic adj.

Getting pleasure from causing pain

Holden can be said as not so much of a sadistic person, since he only violently retaliates when already provoked physically.


Ironical adj.

Humorously sarcastic or mocking

It was ironical when Holden accused others of being phony, when he himself did not always be himself in front of people.


Exhibitionist n.

A person who behaves in ways intended to attract attention or show-off

Holden tried to act like an exhibitionist in front of Stradlater, through his joking actions about another person.


Unscrupulous adj.

Conscienceless; unaffected by principles of right and wrong

Holden often acted in an unscrupulous way, when he made decisions without thinking beforehand about their consequences.


Pacifist n.

Peace-lover; someone opposed to violence

Holden stated that he was a pacifist, and this is seen when he is not easily prone to violence, except when he is greatly offended.


Conscientious adj.

Guided by principle; careful and hardworking

Holden is the exact opposite of a conscientious person, not excelling in his academics and never looking at the results of his actions.


Unanimous adj.

In complete agreement

Holden and one of the nuns that he was talking to both reached a unanimous agreement that Romeo and Juliet was a good piece of literature.


Incognito adj.

With concealed identity

Holden made an incognito trip to New York when escaping from Pencey Prep.


Putrid adj.

Rotten; stinking

Aside from his general physical appearance, Ackley was very much a putrid person, inside and out.


Capacity n.

The ability to receive or contain; the ability to perform

Holden possessed the capacity to learn and do well, but he did not acknowledge it within him.


Nonchalant adj.

Casual; laid-back

Holden lived with a very nonchalant lifestyle, which would often be excessive in front of other people.


Bourgeois adj.


People who attended Pencey Prep were not of bourgeois families, since it was an "esteemed" school.


Blasé adj.

Indifferent or bored; unimpressed

Holden had a blasé attitude to people who he did not like.


Inferiority n.

The quality of being less than another

Holden often states in the novel that other people he knew seemed like they had inferiority complexes.


Aristocratic adj.

Having the manners, values, or qualities associated with the ruling class or nobility

Holden had an aristocratic background with his family, yet did not act as such and instead directly contrasted with his wealthy family.


Boisterous adj.

Noisily jolly or rowdy

Holden sometimes wished not to be boisterous because of his age and not gather attention.


Sophisticated adj.

A person, ideas, tastes, manners, etc. altered by education and experience as to be worldly and wise

The sophisticated life led by Holden caused him to meet with old friends, a prostitute, and even his sister.


Halitosis n.

A condition of having bad smelling breath

Holden states in the novel that Ackley reeked of halitosis due to bad personal hygiene.


Enlightening adj.

Tending to increase knowledge

Mr. Spencer tried to have an enlightening conversation with Holden, but instead, Holden ignored the messages Mr.
Spencer was trying to convey to him


Digression n.

Movement away from the central or main point

Holden, the narrator, often has many digressions when thinking during the story.


Pedagogical adj.

Related to teaching

Holden encountered many pedagogical moments in his journey that helped him learn to be a better person.


Provocative adj.

Inciting, stimulating, irritating

Holden talks about religion during the story, which can be a provocative subject among many people and their beliefs.


Innumerable adj.


There is an innumerable amount of times where Holden strays off the main point of what he was talking about and instead speaks about something completely different.


Falsetto adj.

High voice

Ackley is said to have a falsetto laugh according to Holden in the book.


Psychic adj.

Sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical or supernatural nature

Holden himself is not a psychic person, but he does get feelings about events that occur in his life.


Verification n.


Holden received verification of his expulsion before his parents.


Immaterial adj.

Of little importance

Holden believed that his education and becoming a "phony" adult was immaterial.


Cliques n.

Exclusive groups

There were many cliques at Pencey Prep, and Holden hated each and every one of them.


Inane adj.


Holden viewed Mr. Spencer's speech to him as inane.


Harrowing adj.

Extremely disturbing or distressing; grievous

Holden had a harrowing experience when he was being touched by Mr. Antolini when he was sleeping.


Reciprocal adj.

Given or felt by each toward the other

Holden and his sister had a reciprocal relationship in which the two were close to each other.


Infinitely adv.


Holden seems to infinitely be changing schools throughout the course of his life.