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Who is pharmacy ownership restricted to? 

Restricted to pharmacists and corporate entities controlled by pharmacists 

> ownership is not part of the national registration accrediation scheme 


Provisions exist in all jurisidictions for pharmacy except? 

Except the Australian Capital Territory 

> these provisions exist to enable friendly societies to own pharmacies 


What do provisions in certain jurisdictions (except for ACT) provide for? 

Provide for relatives or partners of a pharmacist to have minority shares in a pharmacy 


What does the northern territory legislation provide? 

Provides for aboriginal health services to own pharmacies 


What does the Queensland legislation provide? 

In QLD, the mater misccerodiae health services brisbane ltd may also own pharmacy business 


How many pharmacies can a pharmacists own/co-own in ACT and NT? 

No restrictions 


How many pharmacies can a pharmacists own/co-own in WA and Tasmania? 

> WA --> pharmacists dont have to live in WA to own one 


How many pharmacies can a pharmacists own/co-own in Queensland, NSW, Victoria? 



How many pharmacies can a pharmacists own/co-own in South Australia ? 



Who can pharmacies be owned by? 

Pharmacist or corporate entity



Pharmacy premises are currently registered/licensed in all jurisdictions except? 

Queensland, Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory 


Pharmacy registration board of western australia established under? 

Under the pharmacy act 2010  (the act)


What does section 54 of the pharmacy act 2010 state? 

Section 54 of the Act states that: 

A person must not own, or hold the proprietary interest in, a pharmacy business unless the person is 

A) a pharmacist; or 

B) a person who is a partner in a partnership that carries on the business and in wich every partner is either 

> a pharmacist or

> a close family member of a partner who is a pharmacist 


C) pharmacist controlled company or 

D) friendly society 

E) preserved company 


What does a close family member mean? 

  • spouse, defacto partner, child or parent of the pharmacist 
  • another family member in a relationship with the pharmacist prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this definition --> defined as a spouse, de facto partner, child or parent of the pharmacist 


What is a pharmacist controlled company? 


How are the dispensing fees that pharmacist make under the PBS negotiated? 

5 year cooperative arrangments between australian government and pharmacy guild of australia --> community pharmacy agreements 


Pharmaceutical benefits are mainly supplied by .... 

Approved pharmacists under section 90 of the national health act 1953 



Who is an approved pharmacist? Who do they get paid by?

Approved pharmacists is a person approved by secretary (or delegate) to the department of health to carry on a business from a designated premises under the scheme 

> approved pharmacists are approved to supply pharmaceutical benefits only from a particular pharmacy 

> AP entitled to be paid an amount determine by health minister for the provision of the pharmaceutical benefit 



What must be followed when dispensing prescriptions with PBS apporval under section 90 of national health act 1953

  • comply with all legal requirements for the practice of pharmacy 
  • treat patients with dignity 
  • comply with PSA code of professional conduct
  • comply with PSA professional practice standards
  • maintain a disciplined dispensing procedure



Who are applications for approval referred to for opening new pharmacy or relocating exisiting pharmacy? 

Applications for approval are refered to the Australian Community Pharmacy Authority. 


What are the objectives of the pharmacy location rules (the rules) 


Current location rules for establishing a new pharmacy or relocating an existing pharmacy? 


What are pharmacies that do not have PBS approval to supply pharmaceutical benefits called? 

Unapproved pharmacies

> display a signage at the pharmacy and make information leaflets available to patients to explain how their patients are affected by not having access to the PBS 


True or false:

If patient goes to unapproved pharmacies with PBS prescriptions, need to get prescription dispensed as private and the prescription will stay private no matter what.