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Name This Item

TAT Probe

An aspirated TAT Probe delivers an accurate temp measurement on the ground w/APU running.

Check for damage


Name These Items

Pitot Tube and AOA

Check for damage


Name These Items

Nose Radome

All covers must be removed by MX before flight

The radome is normaly closed, no servicing required.

Ensure Conductor straps are secure


Name This Item

Lower Nose Compartment Access Door

Ensure closed.

Normally closed, no servicing required. Secured w/latch.

This compartment is pressurized and contains flight control cables, PSEU module, etc.


Name These Items

Nose Gear Taxi Light

- Nose gear strut not compressed (some chrome visible)

-Tire inflation and wear


-Condition of nose gear doors

Downlock Pin removed before flight

Taxi light clean & not cracked


Name These Items

Nose Wheel Well

Downlock Pin locaton

Nose wheel steering lockout pin location


Name These Items

Nose Wheel Snubbers

Snubbers stop nose wheel rotation after takeoff.

Check that snubbers are in place.


Name This Item & Conditions

Ground Call Horn

- GRD CALL switch pressed

- On the ground, a battery drain condition exists

- On the ground, an E&E bay over temperature condition exists


Name These Items

Nose Wheel Well

Down Lock Sensor

Nose wheel strut servicing placard


Name These Items

Nose Wheel Well

Lock actuator

Gas charging (Schrader valve)


Name These Items

Nose Wheel Well

Rudder pedal cables to steering actuators


Name These Items

Nose Wheel Well

Oil charging valve

Air/Ground system sensors (2)


Name This Item

Nose Wheel Steering Bypass Mechanism


Name These Items

Tow Bar Limit Stripe

Red stripe indicates the tow bar limit for the ground crew during pushback

Tire inflation valve

Over-pressure relief valve

Only Nitrogren is used fore inflation


Name These Items

Ground Crew Towing Instructions


Name This Item

Emergency Exit Access Handle

#2 sliding window exterior emergency exit access handle

Only the FO side can be opened from the outside


Name These Items

External Power Receptacle

Flight Interphone

Service Interphone

Ground Power Connected Light

Nose Wheelwell Light Switch

Pilot Call Switch

Service Not in Use Light (illuminated when Ext Power is connected but not in use)

Six-pin Ext Power Receptacle


Name These Items

E & E Bay Access Door

Electronics and Equipment Bay access door (ensure closed)

Inside the E&E compartment

TCAS antenna; Check antennas for damage


Name These Items

Forward Fuselage

Crew Oxygen disc (Green); Check to ensure in place; If missing, the system may be been over-pressurized

Moisture drain plugs

Transponder antenna

Radio Altimeter antennas (4)

Overboard exhaust valve port; exhaust air should be felt on the ground


Name These Items

Forward Fuselage

RVSM critical area markings; no fuselage deformations

Static Ports; clear & unobstructed


Name These Items

Forward Cargo Door

To open from exterior, rotate handle counter-clockwise; door swings open, upward inward

Dings & dents that have been logged are noted by a sticker; if there is no sticker, make a logbook entry & contact MX

Alternate Static Port; check that it is clear & unobstructed


Name These Items

Forward Cargo Compartment

Door close, soft-grip bungee lanyard

Aircraft Main Battery/Batteries


Name These Items

Ram Air Inlet

Ram Air Door

Ram Air Deflector Door; ensure extended & pack inlet is clear & unobstructed

Forward gray water drain mast; check for damage


Name This Item

Ground Conditioned Air Connector


Name These Items

Ground Pneumatic Air Connector

Ground Pneumatic Connector access door (3 snap latches)

Right inboard landing light; clear & not cracked


Name These Items

Leading Edge (Krueger) Flaps

Fixed Landing Light and Runway Turnoff Light; clear & not cracked

Leading Edge Flaps; check condition

The "fin," or strake on the engine nacelle, improves airflow over the wing


Name These Items

Leading Edge (Krueger) Flaps Extended

Krueger Flaps (2 segments)

Hydraulic actuator rod

Hot air duct


Name This Item

Type III Overwing Exits

There are two Overwing Exit Doors (Plug Type) on each side.

The Type III Overwing Exits have been deactivated and are not available for use.


Name These Items

Number 2 Engine - Left Cowl Area

Starter override access hole; requires pneumatic air to prevent damage

Hazard area

Access dooor left side of #2 engine


Name This Item

Chip Detector

Underside of engine

Three detectors:

  • Forward sump
  • Aft sump
  • Accessory gear box