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What is the definition of wound infection?

One of the following:
Organisms cultured from tissue or drainage
Purulent drainage
Abscess or other evidence of infection
Two of: localized pain, redness, swelling, heat


What is the microbiological epidemiology of war wounds?

High energy blasts cause massive tissue energy and disseminate foreign bodies into tissue, prolonged exposure increases chance of nosocomial infection


What are other factors affecting war wounds?

Immunized warfighters (low tetanus)
Body armor (introduces fibers to body)
Helicopters decrease time to treatment
Transfusion capacity
Increased Abx Delivery
Dismounted vs. Mounted patrol


What are important things to know about Acinetobacter

Multi-drug resistant
Gram negative rod predominating in Iraq war
Requires triple drug therapy


What are common Abx for empiric treatment of War Wounds?

Meropenem, Vancomycin, Antifungals
If it doesn't look infected than don't treat it