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What types of injuries or clinical scenarios commonly present with anaerobic infections?

Poor dentition or traumatic injury where the wound is exposed to dirt
Congenital abnormalities, animal bites, appedicitis and secondary peritonitis are also common.


What is Lemierre's Syndrome?

Bacterial spread from primary infection into the oropharynx, through the lateral pharyngeal space, and into the internal jugular vein leading to septic emboli and eventually death.


What are some common causes of deep neck infection?

Dental infection, acute tonsillitis, trauma, foreign body, congenital abnormality


What is the concept of synergy when applied to anaerobic infection?

Anaerobic pathogens are not usually innately invasive or highly virulent but can cause extensive damage when mixed with several other bacteria.
One microorganism produces materials that facilitate growth of another.


What are the basic principles for management of anaerobic infections?

Surgical debridement of injured tissue, drainage of abscesses, and broad spectrum antibiotics.
Exposed to oxygen (opportunity to "heal with steel")
Penicillins used for above the waist infections
Carbapenems, clindamycin, or metronidazole for others.