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paediatric BLS

danger, stimulate, shout.
open airway, and check. not normal then 5 rescue breaths
No sign of life then 15:2. Call resuscitation team after 1 min if alone.


how to do paediatric chest compressions

two fingers = infant(<1)
one hand CPR = if older


how to do paediatric rescue breaths

infant=mouth over nose and mouth (no need for neck tilt as anterior trachea)
child= chin tilt and close nose.


how to deal with paediatric choking?

effective cough - encourage cough
conscious with weak/ineffective cough = 5 Back blows then 5 chest thrusts/abdo thrusts (<1/>1year).
unconcious = open airway, 5 rescue breaths, CPR


what are the rough functions of the outer, middle, inner ear?

outer=collect sound


what is usher syndrome

hearing loss with retinitis pigmentosa. AR, commonest cause of hearing and visual loss (reduced peripheral vision and profound hearing loss)


what is pendred syndrome

hearing loss with a goitre.
autosomal recessive
due to malformation of inner ear


what is alport syndrome

ear, eye and renal disease due to collagen IV abnormality.
AR or X-linked,
Haematuria, leads to ESRD (renal failure)


when should you start to become concerned about a child's speech?

delayed by >6months. (unless bilingual)


what are some causes of delayed speech? Where should child be referred?

Hearing loss (OME), ADHD, Autistic spectrum disorder, verbal dyspraxia, Auditory processing disorder, global developmental delay.

SALT referral at 27 months for assessment