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Fransisco Goya. CAPRICHOS 43: ("THE SLEEP OF REASON PRODUCES MONSTERS"), 1799, Etching and aquatint

  • This is a changed mood and spirit of what we saw from his picture earlier. He no longer has his top hat and has lost confidence in reason
  • Bats are foolish, blind. He was not happy and had war on his doorstep with Spain. He was however able to transcend these problems and live through them.
  • He shares posture with the Lynx which means he has turned into an animal.


Fransisco Goya. QUEEN MARIA LUISA WEARING A MANTILLA. 1799. Oil on Canvas

  • Very expensive dress. At the time all silk was handmade.
  • Goya used to make paintings like these with bland backgrounds.
  • Napoleon sent dresses that were beautiful.
  • The shoes are glden.


Fransisco Goya. CLOTHED MAJA, ca. 1798-1805. Oil on Canvas.

  • Strange mixture of portrait face and pinup.
  • Aristocrats parented to be lower class.



Fransisco Goya. CAPRICHOS 68: "LINDA MAESTRA!" ("A FINE TEACHER!"). 1799. Etching and aquatint

  • Owl represents wisdom.