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What is the Purpose of CPD, according to the MRPBA guidelines?

-Ensures radiation therapists maintain currency of their professional skills and knowledge
-Ensures patients are receiving the best possible care
-Therefore, a RT who does not complete CPD activities may be placing the public at risk of harm


How does CPD apply to students?

-not required to log CPD hours with MRPBA (as we're still developing core knowledge and skills to work as an entry-level practitioner)
-When you commence SPP, need to enrol into a CPD program (MRPBA and ASMIRT each have a CPD program that you can complete)
-You must begin meeting the CPD standard from the first day you are registered, must complete a minimum of 10 hours of CPD in first year of registration
-renew registration each year


What is the CPD cycle?

1st Dec- 30th Nov
-Because we won't start until early 2019, MRPBA calculate the hours you must complete on a pro rata basis


What is the MRPBA, CPD Program for practitioners?

-min. 60 hours of CPD over a 3 year cycle (min. 10 hours in any one year)
-at least 35 hours are substantive activities (directly relevant to your practice as an RT)
-Record all CPD activities (including reflection on activities)


What are Substantive CPD activities?

-directly relate to your practice
-significant practical and/or intellectual content
-make up at least 35 out of 60 hours CPD per triennium


What are examples of Substantive CPD activities?

-Post grad study
- attending/ presenting at a conference, forum, workshop, seminar
-undertaking research
-authoring a book chapter
-editing article for publication in a peer-reviewed journal
-attendance and/or presenting at an in-service


What are examples of General CPD activities?

-attendance at compulsory training sessions e.g. manual handling, fire safety
-attending in-services not specific to your practice
-meetings or participating in the work of a committee related to the work of MRS
-general supervision or mentoring to supervised practitioners


What does reflection on learning activities do?

-identify strengths and areas for improvement
-devise a PD plan to assist you in achieving your goals
-delivery of high quality patient care using EBP


What is a CPD logbook?

-enter all your PD activities (including what it was, time taken and where)
-must summarise what you have learnt, how you will apply this and further learning required


What is a CPD Audit?

-ensure you keep a record of all your CPD activities for 4 years (current triennium + additional year)
-the MRPBA randomly select a percentage of practitioners to audit each year


What happens if you fail to comply with undertaking CPD?

-every year when you renew registration you tick a box stating you have complied with CPD guidelines for past 12 month period
-false declaration= professional misconduct by the MRPBA, and will be addressed under the relevant section of national law


What can the MRPBA do if you fail to meet the CPD standard?

-place a condition on the practitioner's registration or refuse renewal
-complete additional CPD activities
-other action that provides appropriate protection to the pbulic


What is ASMIRT CPD program?

-open to members and non-members
-recognised by the MRPBA (ie. don't have to complete both programs)
-required to obtain 150 credits per triennium (min. of 25 credits for any individual year)
-can be audited by either AMSIRT and/or MRPBA


What are the 9 activities groups for ASMIRT CPD?

Activity Group:
1: Skill Development/ Workplace Learning
2: Self Directed Learning
3: Professional Activity/ Organised Program
4: Conferences and Meetings
5: Audit and QA
6: Writing
7: Formal Education
8: Research and Publications
9: Other