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The Psyche

Construct to represent all of the interacting systems within human personality that are needed to account for the mental life and beh of the person.

Psychic energy (libidos)


The principle of conservation

The amount of energy in a system is fixed and if removed from one part of a system will show up in another.


The principle of opposites

Similar to newtons "for every active there is an equal and opposite reaction.


Jung ego

Gatekeeper of consciousness

What one thinks of oneself, the genuine me.



Identities we assume because of socially prescribed roles we play.


The collective unconscious

Reflects the collective experiences that humans have had in their history.



An inherited predisposition to respond to certain aspects of the world.

Persona: the role
Shadow: inferior, evil
Anima: feminine archetype in men
Animus: masculine archetype in woman
The self: innate blueprint


Adler's theory

1. Organ inferiority (can compensate for weakness by developing it or emphasising other aspect).

2. Feelings of inferiority (subjective, can become overwhelming or stimulus for growth).

3. Striving for superiority (seek perfection to become whole)

4.social interest


Alders contributions

One of first humanistic

True father of modern psychotherapy