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Humanistic psych

Termed "third force"

Allport, Kelly, Fromm, Maslow, May, Murray, Rogers

Process of positive growth towards a desired or even idealised human potential.



Emphasises the individual's subjective experience of his/her world.

Shifts the focus from human consciousness to existence.


Existential anxiety

The feelings of dread or panic that follow the realisation that there is no ultimate meaning to ones life.


The actualising tendency

The active controlling drive towards fulfilment of our potentials that enables us to maintain and enhance ourselves.

Organismic valuing process - an innate bodily mechanism that draws the person toward growth-producing experiences and away from those that don't.


Characteristics of self-actualized people

1. Openness to experience - unafraid to show their own feelings
2. Existential living - go with the flow of each moment
3. Trust of their organism - don't look to others for guidance
4. Creativity
5. Leading an enriched life


Client centred therapy

Unconditional positive regard
Empathic understanding


Kelly Personal Constructs


Moral-immoral; tolerant-intolerant; etc

No two people have the same set of personal constructs and so everyone has their own unique interpretation of the world.

Constructive alternativism: we are capable of changing/replacing our present interpretation of events.


Humanist legacy

Self-directed agency (self as doer rather than object).

Focuses far more on the personality change than on early development or the structure of personality.