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Types of temporal stability

Rank-order stability (personality coherence)

Mean Level

Structural (temperament)


Rank-order Stability

Maintenance of an individual's position in a group over time

Focused of Costa & McCrae 5 factor model

An adults personality profile will change little over time as a whole. Less stable in early infancy (.47) and peaks after age 50 (.75)


Personality coherence

Involves changes in manifestation of a trait over time while preserving rank order.

Underlying trait stays the same, but the way it is expressed changes.


Rank order stability

Adults remain the same over periods of many years.

Adaptation to life profoundly shaped by personality.


Structural stability

Lack of indicates meaning of constructs has changed between measurement occasions.

Dimensions of Extraversion and neuroticism have shown high structural stability in infants.


Structural stability: temperament

Ind diff that emerge in early life thought to reflect genetic factors.