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Communication Skills

1. Communicates and expresses ideas in an assertive and respectful manner
2. Uses communication strategies (e.g. oral, written, information technology) effectively


Relationship Skills

1. Establishes collaborative relationships with others in planning and implementation
2. Promotes the integration of information from others
3. Shares information appropriately and with consent


Role Clarity

1. Clearly describes one’s own roles and responsibilities
2. Integrates the roles and responsibilities of others with one’s own to optimize outcomes
3. Accepts accountability for one’s contributions.
4. Shares evidence-based and/or best practice discipline-specific knowledge


Team Functioning

1. Recognizes and contributes to effective team functioning and dynamics
2. Recognizes that leadership may alternate or be shared depending on the situation
3. Contributes in interprofessional team discussions


Conflict resolution

1. Demonstrates active listening and is respectful of different perspectives and opinions
2. Works with others to manage and resolve conflict effectively