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When thinking about risk factors for breast and ovarian cancer, how far back should family history be assessed?

3 generations back (mother, grandmother, or great grandmother)


What average of cancer is related to genetics?

On average about 10%, but ovarian and breast cancer is more like 70-80%


What are the professions that a person with a mass will present to?

Any one of these can be visited

PCP: 1st line of contact
Oncologist: if pre-existing relationship is present
Geritologist: If pt is older


What are the professions included in a cancer care team?

• Physicians providing oncology care
• Clinicians providing psychosocial support and spiritual workers
• Palliative care clinicians (Including hospice at end of life
• Rehab clinicians
• Physician assistant
• Pharmacist
• Nurses


What percentage of masses are found by palpation?



___ is the preferred method and the way in which we get a definitive diagnosis of cancer

*Biopsy* is the preferred method and the way in which we get a definitive diagnosis of cancer


What types of cancer is a bone marrow biopsy used for?

Leukemia, myeloma, lymphoma

**liquid tumors**


What are the characteristics of a bone marrow biopsy?

• Sample of bone marrow
• Back of your hipbone
• Uses a long needle


What are the characteristics of an endoscopic biopsy?

• Tube is inserted into a cavity for imaging and tissue removal
• Allows for aspiration


What types of cancer is an endoscopic biopsy used for?

Lung, bladder, colorectal,


What is a needle biopsy used for?

To extract cells or tissue


What types of cancer is a needle biopsy used for?

Breast, liver, lung, prostate


What are the various types of needles that can be used in a needle biopsy?

• Fine needle (most commonly used)
• Core needle
• Vacuum assisted
• Image guided
• Stereotaxy (most common. Uses imaging during to allow the proper position of the biopsy. Used for the brain, and breast)


What type of imaging is a mammogram?

Xray imaging


What is the criteria for being a candidate for hormone therapy?

The receptor status has to be positive in order to be a candidate


What does it mean when a cancer pt's margins are positive?

There are cancer cells on the edges of the specimen that was extracted. This results in either a second biopsy, a larger procedure or extra chemotherapy


What percent of cancer survivors with a body structure/function issue gets referred to PT?

About 20%


What does the CoC (commission on cancer) do?

It says that every cancer survivor has to have a survivorship care plan, which will document some details about the pt's cancer, the treatment, the prevalence and severity of the side effects, and how they are being managed


What does a CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) do?

It gives some structure around the prospective surveillance of pts with cancer
• Response to the medical management of cancer
• Side effects they have and how they are being addressed


What are some examples of a CoC (commission on cancer) accredited facility?

• Hospitals
• Breast cancer centers
• Cancer centers


As a PT working in a CoC accredited facility, what should be the 1st question asked?

Who is managing the pt's survivorship care plan and how do I see/participate in it?


Under the CoC, what is the standard that mostly relates to the PT, and why?

E11, because it says cancer survivors have to be screened for stress at least once in the cancer care continuum. This screening includes an assessment of any physical issues the pt may be having


What are some of the body structure impairments found in pts with breast cancer?

• ↓Range of motion
• Muscle weakness
• CIPN (chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy)
• Lymphedema risk


What are some of the individual limitations found in pts with breast cancer?

• Difficulty reaching
• Difficulty lifting
• Dizziness


What are some of the society limitations found in pts with breast cancer?

• Unable to meet specific job
demands (60% returns to work, but many report to being able to work at the same level)
• Unable to fulfill life roles


What are some of the environment limitations found in pts with breast cancer?

• Unemployment
• Travel Precautions
• Housework Demands


What are the personal factors that impacts a pt with cancer?

• Loss of Identity
• Body Image Changes
• Anxiety


When selecting outcome measurement tools for the evaluation of pts with cancer, what is the recommendation on which ones to pick?

Try to pick those that are condition/region specific d/t having the sensitivity to pick up on immediate or monthly changes that the pt may see


When do we use generic health status outcome measure for pts with cancer?

For 6 months or annual assessments


When picking an outcome measure for a pt with cancer, we need to think about its use within the prospective surveillance model. What does this entail?

Is it going to be a tool that is well suited for repeated measures? (this is what we want). The prospective surveillance model is the one being recommended.