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Define view and viewpoint

A view is a representation of a system or model based on the perspective of a particular stakeholder or group.
A viewpoint is a means to construct view, based on a pattern or template that provides guidance and techniques for its construction. (It is essentially the rules used to create a view).


What is the purpose of viewpoints?

Designing, deciding and informing.
Simplified view of the model used to provide understanding to stakeholders, to build commitment, or to convince opponents to an idea.


What are the elements of a business function viewpoint?

The business function viewpoint shows the main business functions and their information and process flows. It also shows functional responsibilities. Some of the symbols used in this function viewpoint include: actors, functions, roles, locations, collaborations, and processes.


What are the elements of a service realization viewpoint?

The service realization point shows how the business services are linked to the underlying processes. It includes symbols such as actor, services, processes, application component.


What are the elements of the business process viewpoint?

The business process viewpoint contains events, processes, services, actor, data objects, and roles


What the elements of the information structure viewpoint?

Information structure viewpoint includes Business Objects and applications objects


What are the elements of the application structure viewpoint?

The application structure viewpoint shows the structure and data access of applications only data relations are shown, not application dependencies. It includes application components and data objects.


What are the elements of the infrastructure viewpoint?

The infrastructure viewpoint shows the hardware and software infrastructure layer. It includes devices, networks, and system software.


What are the elements of the infrastructure usage viewpoint?

The infrastructure usage viewpoint shows how applications are supported by the hardware and software infrastructure. It is used in the analysis of performance and scalability. It consists of elements such as application components, networks, devices, and system software.


What are the elements of the application usage viewpoint?

The application usage viewpoint shows application support business processes. It includes symbols such as processes, services, and application components.


What is the process for using viewpoints?

1. Scoping: select viewpoints, domains, and determine constraints.
2. Creation of views: select the content of the viewpoint and apply it to create the view.
3. Validation: verify whether or not the stakeholders agree this is the correct representation of the actual or intended situation.
4. Obtaining commitment: once an agreement has been reached among the key stakeholders, create commitment for the results of the view and it's impact.
5. Informing: inform other stakeholders (who are not necessary to move forward) of the results.


Define enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture is a coherent whole of principles, methods, and models that are used in the design and realization of an enterprise's organizational structure, business processes, information systems, and infrastructure.