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Draw Henderson and Venkatraman's strategic alignment model

X - axis: functional integration (Business and information technology)
Y – axis: strategic fit. (Internal and external)
Just draw it.


What are the four alignment perspectives of the Henderson Venkatraman model

Perspective one: strategy execution
Perspective two: technology transformation
Perspective three: competitive potential
Perspective four: service-level


Describe perspective one: strategy execution

With strategy execution business strategy is the driver. Top management must be the strategy formulator, while IT managers are the strategy implementer (Communicated downward). ABCD


Describe perspective two: technology transformation

Technology transformation explores the changes required in IT to make the execution of this is strategy possible. It involves searching for the best possible IT competencies to support the business strategy. ACDB


Describe perspective three: competitive potential

Competitive potential uses emerging technologies to impact and influence key attributes of the business strategy and develop new forms of relationships. Business strategy can be modified based on emerging IT capabilities. CABD


Describe perspective four: service-level

Service level is about building a highly effective and efficient information system service organization. There is a focus on understanding external and internal dimensions of IT strategy. The business strategy is indirect, while IT strategy focuses on maximizing the potential of the end-user community. Top management is a prioritizer while IS manager provides executive leadership. Example Walmart. CDBA


Describe the BPTrends pyramid

BPTrends pyramid Describes how organizations leverage EA.
The three levels are:
1. Enterprise-level
2. Business process level
3. Implementation level