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Basic Empty Weight

Structure ,seats, empty galleys and Laboratories, non-usable fuel, oil, hydraulic fluids, literature standard FAK and emergency equipment


Dry Operating Weight

Except fuel and payload


Lower Deck Unloading

a. If compartment 4 is loaded – unload it first.
b. Start aft hold unloading first, then forward and aft holds may be unloaded simultaneously, given that compartment 4 is already empty. Never begin forward hold unloading first.
c. Unload bay 11 last, after all bays are empty.
d. Should unloading of the aft hold be interrupted, then unloading of the forward hold must be halted until aft hold unloading resumes.


Special procedure 180 configuration, no show pax bags located in bay 11

No more than 10 pax are missing


Defueling or file transfer with pax on board

If the tank fuel being transferred from has more than 900kg


Transportation of live animals

Forward has warmer temperatures
Aft has better air flow and odor reaching the pax