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followed by a noun or pronoun object but no subsequent infinitive means "to leave someone or something in a place or condition."

Ex.: "Lass den Ball, wo er ist!" = "Leave the ball where it is!"



means "to leave or depart from a person, place, or activity," and always takes a direct object.
Ex.: "Es wurde chaotisch, als 80 000 Fans anfingen, das Stadion zu verlassen." = Things become chaotic as 80,000 fans began to leave the stadium.

Verlassen can also connote emotional (and by implication, long-term) separation.
Ex.: "Ich verlasse dich nie", hatte Ollie Kahn zu Simone gesagt. Dann traf er Verena. = "I'll never leave you," Ollie Kahn had said to Simone. Then he met Verena.



means "to leave, depart, or go away." This verb cannot be used with a direct object.
Ex.: "Wir gehen nicht weg, bis wir ein Autogramm kriegen!" = "We're not leaving till we get an autograph!"