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What does "body" mean when describing a wine?

The texture or weight of a wine
in the mouth

  • Full-bodied wines have a rich, complex, well-rounded flavor that lingers in the mouth
  • Light-bodied wines are subtle and more watery
  • Medium-bodied wines fall somewhere in between


What is the DOC?

Denominazione di Origine Controllata
("controlled place name")

Italy's designation for wine whose name, origin of grapes, grape varieties and other important factors are regulated by law


What is a Super Tuscan?

  • Any wine from Tuscany made in less traditional ways
  • More powerful than other Tuscan varieties
  • May include Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot


What is a decanter?

A vessel that holds the decantation of a liquid (such as wine), which may contain sediment

  • Used to aerate wine, or to allow it to "breathe" - enhancing the overall aroma of the wine
  • Decantation is the method of separating the solids liquids that exist in one mixture


What is "distillation" of a wine?

  • The process of heating wine so the alcohol vaporizes and is collected to make a drink with higher alcoholic content
  • All distilled wines are known as "brandy," although the quality of brandy varies


What are "legs" when
describing a wine?

  • The syrupy lines that a wine leaves on the glass after being swirled
  • They have nothing to do with the quality of a wine
  • Heavier & thicker legs can indicate a higher alcohol and/or sugar content


What is the technical term for "the study of wine"?



What is a wine's "vintage" year?

The year in which at least 95% of its grapes were harvested (not the year in which the wine was bottled)


What is a wine's "finish"?

The lingering feeling in your mouth after you taste a wine


What does it mean to say that a wine is "hot"?

It has a high or unbalanced alcohol level, which may create a burning sensation as you swallow


What is a "magnum" when referring to wine?

The equivalent to two standard 750 ml bottles of wine, or 1.5 liters


What are a wine's "aroma"
and "bouquet"?

  • "Bouquet" refers to smells that originate from the wine-making
  • "Aroma" refers to smells originating from the grapes themselves

Amateurs often use the terms interchangeably


What type of wine is a Shiraz? 

  • Red wine
  • Pair with meat
    (steak, beef, wild game, etc.)
  • Known as Syrah in France and the U.S., but Shiraz in Australia and South Africa


What type of wine is a Merlot?

  • Red wine
  • Easy-to-drink softness
  • A fine complement to any meal


What type of wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon? 
(cab-er-nay saw-vee-nyon)

  • Full-bodied red
  • Common variety
  • Best known in Napa Valley
  • Generally goes best with simply prepared red meats


What type of wine is a Malbec? 

  • Red wine
  • Often blended with other varieties e.g., Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot to make Bordeaux-style wines
  • Goes well with any meat dish


What type of wine is a
Pinot Noir? 

(pee-noh nwahr)

  • Red wine
  • Pair with grilled salmon, chicken, or lamb


What type of wine is a Chardonnay? 

  • White wine
  • Popular in the 1990s
  • Pair with fish or chicken dishes


What type of wine is a Barbera? 

  • Red wine
  • Similar to Merlot
  • Goes well with many dishes, especially those with tomato sauce


What type of wine is a
Sauvignon Blanc?
saw-vee-nyon blahnk)

  • White wine
  • Pair with seafood, poultry, and salads


What type of wine is a Sémillon?

  • White wine
  • Pair with clams, mussels, or pasta salad


What type of wine is a Muscat?

  • White wine
  • Best served on its own


What type of wine is a Sangiovese? 

  • Red wine
  • Made from the same grapes as Chianti
  • Generally bright colored and acidic


What type of wine is a Riesling?

  • White wine
  • Often considered one of the finest wines
  • Pair with fish, chicken, pork dishes, and Thai food


What type of wine is a Gewürztraminer? 

  • White wine ideal for sipping
  • Pair with Asian food, pork, and grilled sausages


What type of wine is a
Pinot Grigio?
pee-noh GREE-joe)

  • White wine
  • Also called Pinot Gris
  • Varies from light & crisp to rich & spicy
  • Very versatile as a dinner wine


What type of wine is a
Petite Sirah? 

(peh-TEET sih-RAH)

  • Red wine made from a dark, tannic grape
  • Different from the bolder Syrah grape
  • Popular in California
  • Often blended with Zinfandel to give more density


What type of wine is a White Burgundy?



What is the "hoppiness" of a beer?

A bitter flavor arising from the hop plant

Pale ales are generally the hoppiest beers available in the United States


What is the "fruitiness" of a beer?

A by-product of yeast fermentation in the brewing process

Most ales have some degree of fruity flavor, even though no actual fruit is used