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How much frost is allowed under wing

1/8 inch


When must cold wx preflight be preformed

OAT 5° C or less

Wing fuel temp 0°C or less

Atmospheric conditions conducive to icing

A/c parked overnight and may have been exposed to frost/ precip. Etc..

Any through flight where residual ice may be present

Cold soak ice suspected in fuel tank areas


What should you do if taxing in icing conditions for > 30 mins or fan vibration is detected

Run each engine up individually to 54% n1 for 30 seconds


When taking off in icing conditions...

Takeoff power must be set to 54% n1 for 30 seconds or until fan vibration is normal


What do you do if you suspect Ice accretion on fan blades in flight

Reduce one thrust lever at a time towards idle then advance to min of 70% n1 for 10-30 seconds


What auto brake setting for contaminated runways