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What is development?

Development is where a country becomes more advanced and developed.


What groups do we divide the countries of the world into?

- HICs
- MICs
- LICs


Where are most of the rich countries found in the world?

The vast majority of the richest countries of the world are in the Northern hemisphere.


Name 3 HICs of the world

- Sweden
- New Zealand
- Canada


Name 3 MICs of the world

- Brazil
- China
- South Africa


Name 3 LICs of the world

- Botswana
- Mongolia
- Suriname


Name 4 ways to measure development

1. GDP
2. Poverty
3. Birth rate
4. Average age


Explain how your chosen development indicators measure development

1. GDP shows how much money a country earns so this
one is good because it determines how rich or poor a
country is.
2. If there is a high poverty rate, this obviously indicates
that the country isn't very developed because they
would be able to do something to fix it if they had
enough money.
3. Birth rate shows development because if more
children are being born, it may mean that the parents
might be worried their children may not survive for
long. This may be because of famine or bad
4. If people are living longer, this could suggest a good
development because the country might have more
advanced medicines and treatments.


Why are some indicators better than others?

- Average age could vary due to a war, disaster or an
outbreak of a disease
- Birth rate could vary due to certain countries having
pro-natalist and anti-natalist policies


Give four reasons for the development gap

1. Inadequate / no housing
2. Sanitation and medicine
3. Unemployment
4. Corruption


Explain how one of your chosen reasons has lead to the development gap

A lack of clean water has bad effects on people's health. This means that they may catch a bad disease, which there isn't a cure / treatment for in a country.


How can the development gap be reduced?

By giving aid, specifically the following:
- Water pumps
- Medicines and treatments
- Shelter
- Food
By charity work and raising money