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How might closed (non-penetrating) wounds become surgical wounds?

If become problematic--> open up surgically to explore/remove damaged tissues

(Abscesses, bruising, hematomas, etc.)


Why are traumatic wounds initially classified as contaminated at best?

Wound is open--no way to know what could've gotten into it or what the risk of infection is

Must consider 'contaminated' until proven otherwise


What does the term "iceberg" lesion mean with regard to dog bite wounds?

Superficial lesions usually look less severe than they actually are--do not reflect the degree of internal trauma that is usually present


What criteria are used to decide whether to treat a bite wound conservatively or surgically?

  • Sizes/#'s of animals involved
  • Locations of the wounds
    • Extremities more likely to be puncture wounds
    • Bites on the neck tend to slide and cause more trauma/are more severe
  • Clinical assessment of severity of trauma


What is a degloving injury?

  • Result of shearing forces which sever cutaneous vessels supplying skin
  • Often distal injuries


What is the difference between physiologic and anatomic degloving injuries?

  • Physiologic--skin devitalized but still in place
    • Remove skin as early as possible and close wounds
    • If multiple wounds that can't all be done at once: leave skin on and allow it to function as a biological bandage (remove as soon as infection occurs)
  • Anatomic--skin avulsed from underlying tissue
    • If skin is shiny and pale or dark black-->dead and needs to come off
      • Any color in between should be monitored
    • Managed as open wound


What is a fistula?

Communication between two epithelial surfaces

Lined by epithelium

Ex: tracheoesophageal fistula


What is a sinus tract?

  • Communication between mesothelial surface and skin
  • Often associated w/ FB migration
  • Can be lined with granulation tissue
  • Will "pseudo" heal with antibiotic administration but will reappear when discontinued 


T/F: Combined degloving and crush injuries are rare in small animals





What diagnostic tests can be used to diagnose foreign bodies?

  • Ultrasound
    • ​Most cost-effective
    • Non-radiopaque FBs (esp. plant-based)
  • Radiographs--often won't show up
  • Contrast studies--ok, but still hard to interpret
  • CT, MRI (CT if not seen on u/s)


Which diagnostic test is most reliable for plant type FBs and could be used intraoperatively?


(intraoperative u/s)


What are the common etiologies of burn wounds?

  • Thermal 
    • House fires
    • Hot liquids (water/steam, grease, wax)
    • Direct contact (heating pads, heat lamps, exhaust pipes)
  • Chemical 
  • Electrical


What are the pathophysiologies of burn wounds?

  • Burn wound
    • Injury progression (several zones)
    • Infection
  • Smoke inhalation
    • Direct heat injury
    • Carbon monoxide
    • Inhaled toxins
  • Systemic effects
    • Cardiovascular 
    • Metabolic