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When was hitler born in Austria?

In 1889


What was eugencies (limiting those that could reproduce) taught at universities?

In the 1880s


When did hitler enlist in WWI?



When did WWI end?



When was the Treaty of Versailles signed? What did it mean for Germany, Japan and Italy?

June 28 1919. Germany was punished and Japan and Italy were offended. Japan was refused equality and Italy was not rewarded for their efforts enough


When did Hitler join the german workers party?



When did hitler take over the German workers party and name it the Nazi party?

July 1921


What did the Nazis attempt to do in 1923?

Nazi party attempts to take power in the Beer Hall Putsch but it fails and Hitler is put in jail for treason where he writes his book, Mein Kampf Which outlines his ideologies and views about antisemitism.


When did Hitler become Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg?

January 1933


What did Hitler do in 1933 as chancellor?

Within months (after becoming Chancellor) Hitler introduced laws about sterilising people with disabilities. Around 400000 people were sterilised and around 5000 people died from the procedure. Another 70000 died from his euthanasia program. Laws were also introduced stopping Jews from being german citizens, removing them from the government, legal professions and universities, banning them from schools and many public places and disallowing them to have businesses. Many people decided to leave Germany because of this.


When did Hitler combine his role as chancellor with president and become leader of Germany?



When do Nazi troops enter Rhineland against the Treaty rules? What do Britain and France do?

1936. He is appeased.


When does Kristallnacht take place?

November 9-10 1938


When is Germany allowed Sudetenland?

1938 September


When is Czechoslovakia invaded by nazis?

March 1939


When does Germany sign a pact with Russia?

August 23 1939


When was Poland invaded and how does Germany achieve this?

1 September 1939. Germany invades Poland using Blitzkrieg tactics


When did Britain and France abandon appeasement and declare war on Germany?

3 September 1939.


What were the nazis doing to minorities in 1939? Where was the largest ghetto?

Germany started setting up ghettos in invaded territories to isolate Jews. The largest one was in Warsaw Poland. Around 800000 Jews died in ghettos because of the conditions and shootings. Homosexuals and Gypsies were also targeted. Between 200000 and 500000 Gypsies died. This cruelty was called genocide.


When did the phoney war take place? What was it? Why did it end?

October 1939 to April 1940. The Phoney War took place. In this time there were no major battles. Britain took the time to build up its forces to defend France. This period ended when Germany attacked Denmark and Norway.


What does Germany then invade in May 1940? How? Why aren't they stopped?

Germany invades Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France using Blitzkrieg tactics, the Allies can't hold them off.


When is Dunkirk evacuated? What happens?

27 May to 4 June 1940. Allies evacuate 338000 British and French troops from Dunkirk.


When does Italy enter the war? What do they plan? What side are they on?

June 1940. Italy enters the war on Germany’s side. It’s leader Benito Mussolini planned to take Egypt from the Italian territory of Libya.


When does France surrender? What happens? Who are those that don't stop fighting?

June 22 1940. France surrenders though some outside French troops continued fighting, becoming the Free French Forces.


When did Germany try to take Britain by weakening it? What was this period called? When was it?

July 10 1940 to October 31 1940. Germany then planned on defeating Britain, first by destroying its airforce and then by invading with a land and sea attack. It then changed its tactics by bombing Britain’s industrial cities in a period called the Blitz.


Who held of the Germans in the Blitz? When?

July 1940 to May 1941. The Royal Air Force that included around 100 Australians was successful in resisting the Germans in Britain. By then Germany was focused on the Russians and the threat in Britain had passed.


When did Australians lead a counter attack on the Italians in Libya? What happened? What did Germany do?

1941. Australia led a British counterattack (against the Italians) into Libya and captured Bardia, Tobruk and Benghazi. Because of this Hitler sent General Rommel and experienced troops into Libya to support the Italians. He forced the British back to Egypt but the Australian and British troops held onto Tobruk and were referred to by the Germans as rats. The Australian Navy brought supplies and evacuated the injured.


When did Hitler invade Russia? What was this called? Why?

June 1941. The Blitzkrieg invasion of the Soviet Union (USSR), code-named Operation Barbarossa began. It marked the peak of the Axis Power’s strength and is still the largest military operation- 3 million troops, 3600 tanks and 4300 tanks. This broke their pact. Hitler wanted Russia for the space, resources and because of communism found the inferior. Russia was unprepared.


When were troops in Tobruk mostly replaced by Polish troops?

September 1941


When did Nazis encounter problems in invading Russia? What happened?

November 1941. Germany had had much success in Russia and was within striking distance of Moscow but the troops were unprepared for the severity of the winter. When the winter ended Germany tried to take southern Russia and its oil fields but was stopped at Stalingrad.


When did the Allies start attacking Germany back? What happened?

1942. The Allies started bombing German airfields and industrial areas but the plan failed in damaging Germany significantly.


When did Rommel capture Tobruk?

June 1942


When was the Battle of Stalingrad? What happened?

September 1942. The Battle of Stalingrad between the Soviets and the Nazis was one of the bloodiest battles in history.


When did the Nazis surrender at Stalingrad? What did this cause?

February 1943. The Germans surrendered at Stalingrad. But the Nazis still had great control over the USSR and over much of Europe.


How was the war going in 1943?

Germany’s Blitzkrieg tactics had lost their surprise and their success had peaked. Britain, British dominions, the USA, the Soviet Union and the French Free Forces had banned together in alliance to force the Nazis and its allies into an unconditional surrender. The Soviet Union had won many battles against Germany by this time.


What was D-Day? What was it?

June 6 1944. 160 000 Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy in northern France and sought to invade the country. This operation is referred to as D-Day.


When was France liberated?

August 1944


When did Allies start invading Germany from the west?

September 1944


By 1945 where was Germany occupying and where were The Soviets occupying?

Germany had been forced out of most of Eastern Europe with Soviet troops occupying Russia, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia and the Baltic States.


When was Germany about to fall? What happened?

April 1945. The Soviets encircled Berlin and launched the final assault. Though Berlin was being defended by Hitler from his underground bunker and the population of the city was forced to fight, the city was seized after a week.


When did Hitler commit suicide or disappear?

April 30 1945


When did Germany officially surrender?

May 7 1945


How many Jews died during the war?

6 million