1. ut basic/ advanced

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UTB1 Plans, Specs & Color coding
What plans furnish essential data...,
What plans show the support of th...,
What plans contain the electrical...
78  cards
UTA1 Contingency Support
Fuel usage is computed on a how m...,
An abfc system does not include w...,
Component site plans are containe...
16  cards
UTB2 Basic Math, Electrical & Plumbing Operations
The abfc system revolves around a...,
To bring together all of the info...,
Leaching cesspools should not be ...
109  cards
UTA2 Plumbing P&E
You can make changes to the sched...,
When placing a water pipe in the ...,
The building drain in a sanitary ...
14  cards
UTB3 Fundamentals of Water Distribution
What type of cleaning solution is...,
When laying water distribution pi...,
Water storage tanks are made of w...
116  cards
UTA3 Interior water/ waste
True or false there are two types...,
What is a disadvantage of the no ...,
Why is it difficult to pinpoint a...
10  cards
UTB4 Structural Openings and Piping Material
What are used to stop throttle or...,
What valve is used in systems whe...,
What type of valve is light in we...
84  cards
UTA4 Fire Protection Systems
What are reproduced copies of mec...,
What term is defined as the abili...,
What drawings are used for explor...
56  cards
UTB5 Piping System Layout and Plumbing Accessories
What term as applied to plumbing ...,
In setting the wall mounted urina...,
What is equipped with running col...
86  cards
UTA5 Water Treatment & Purification
A total of how many gallons per m...,
The strainer on a suction hose sh...,
What is the purpose of a jar test
40  cards
UTB6 Plumbing Fixtures
What are often called driving equ...,
Electric motors are fitted with w...,
Two fairly common types of drives...
119  cards
UTA6 Sewage Treatment & Disposal
What term is used to describe was...,
For proper storage you should mai...,
For a wastewater plant that disch...
30  cards
UTB7 Prime Movers Pumps and Compressors
Water is circulated from the ocea...,
What is water that is flowing in ...,
What is that part of the water or...
122  cards
UTA7 Compressed Air Systems
What discuss general consideratio...,
Generally you can make changes to...,
The underground water service and...
88  cards
UTB8 Sewage Disposal Field Sanitation and Water Treatment
Chlorinators are most often class...,
Direct feed chlorinators are used...,
Chlorination equipment to feed ch...
80  cards
UTA8 Boilers
All sprinkler systems have how ma...,
What sprinkler system is the most...,
N a dry pipe sprinkler system the...
84  cards
UTB9 Boilers
At what temperature fahrenheit do...,
What is the melting point of a fi...,
The bottom of the inverted bell o...
86  cards
UTA9 Duct and Ventilation Systems
You must consider three factors f...,
Water sources developed for milit...,
The rate of flow resulting from a...
73  cards
UTB10 Steam Distribution Systems
In a two pipe vapor system with a...,
The exterior distribution system ...,
The utilidor type of steam distri...
44  cards
What is the wastewater of communi...,
The major sources of raw sewage a...,
Heavy input of storm water can di...
74  cards
UTB11 Heating Systems
Which metal is the best reflector...,
What type of heating medium is us...,
What is the range of the fahrenhe...
79  cards
UTA11 Solar Systems
What is the energy that the earth...,
Energy from the sun travels appro...,
What is the amount of solar energ...
12  cards
UTB12 Refrigeration
What term is used for the heat ab...,
Which expansion valve controls th...,
Which accessory device consists o...
39  cards
UTB13 Air Conditioning
What is the term used for the ran...,
True or false using electricity t...,
Which of the following is another...
33  cards
UTB14 Utilities Equipment and Maintenance
What is the first thing you shoul...,
What is the function of the impel...,
What diameter waste pipe is neede...
36  cards

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