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Intro to GI week
List 2 causes of scour that are z...,
List 5 things that influence the ...,
List 4 things that affect pathoge...
16  cards
Scour in poultry
List 4 reasons why litter can bec...,
What is a possible problem with f...,
List 4 factor that can increased ...
54  cards
Scour in pigs
List 4 diseases that can cause d ...,
Lit the signs associated with wat...,
List the signs associated with sl...
25  cards
Farm animal surgery and anaesthesia
What nerve block is used for disb...,
What nerve is blocked by a cornea...,
Where do you do a cornual nerve b...
12  cards
Scour in indoor cattle
List 4 possible causes of d in pr...,
List 3 causes of d in cattle thaa...,
List 2 possible causes of d in ad...
33  cards
Scour in sheep and parasitic gastroenteritis
List 4 causes of scour in neonata...,
List 4 causes of d in lambs,
List 3 causes of d in adult sheep
66  cards
Weight loss in adult cows
What causes johne s disease,
What is johne s characterised by,
T f pasteurisation effectively ki...
25  cards
What type of virus is bvd,
What are the 2 types of bvd and h...,
Describe what you see with type 1...
43  cards
Abdominal pain
When is an acute abdominal crisis...,
List 8 differentials of acute abd...,
List 3 non gi differntials of acu...
32  cards
Abdominal distension
In clinical exam what do we asses...,
T f hypermotility is a common fin...,
List 3 possible causes of hypomot...
45  cards
Weight loss sheep
List 8 differentials for weight l...,
What percentage lame sheep do we ...,
What can drive lameness in sheep
39  cards
Brisket oedema
What does oedema mean,
List 9 differentials for oedema i...,
Where is high altitude disease seen
34  cards
Dead sheep with dodgy liver SDL
Pathophysiology of liver fluke,
Ppp of liver fluke,
Chronic clinical signs associated...
10  cards
Milk drop in a freshly calved cow
Define freshly calved,
List 9 differentials for milk dro...,
List which differentials for milk...
15  cards
Melena SDL
What is the most common different...,
Give 5 other differentials for me...,
Describe how to diagnose abomasal...
11  cards

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11- fa- gastrointestinal disease

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