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P bodies,
Spliceosomal snrnps
48  cards
Vdj vj rearrangement,
Outer cortex of ln
30  cards
23  cards
Radial n roots where are common i...,
Median n roots where are common i...,
Ulnar n roots where are common in...
21  cards
Satiety center of hypothalamus,
Hunger center of hypothalamus,
Ant hypothalamus
76  cards
Il 5 who releases it what does it do,
Il 3,
Genital tubercle
89  cards
Primitive pulmonary vein,
Left horn of sinus venosus,
Right horn of sinus venosus
84  cards
Congenital long qt syndromes prob...,
Qt interval,
Romano ward syndrome
104  cards
Dyspnea on exertion why,
Culture negative causes of endoca...,
2 most common culture neg causes ...
95  cards
What causes inc toxicity for all ...,
How does cell get out of refracto...,
Hypoxic tissue most cardiac myocy...
75  cards
Velocity of air vs turbulence wha...,
Where is the least airway resista...,
How far do the cartilage goblet c...
166  cards
2/28 renal
Order of metanephros pronephros m...,
What does mesonephros eventually ...,
When does the metanephros show up
95  cards
3/1 renal
Renal tubular acidosis rta type 1...,
Rta 1 risk for what potential causes,
What do all rtas lead to
101  cards
3/2&3/3 GI
Non selective beta blockers can t...,
Overuse of diuretics can lead to ...,
Do tb cavities usually have air f...
126  cards
3/4 GI
Where is gastrin made and where i...,
Who does gastrin act on,
What are parietal cells stimulate...
129  cards
hepatobil: 3/6
Histological features of cirrhosis,
Fetor hepaticus what is it what d...,
Inc or dec estrogen in cirrhosis
108  cards
3/7 endo
A drug is virtually eliminated af...,
Acute viral hepatitis do you see ...,
Councilman body
105  cards
3/8 endo
How does excess cortisol lead to htn,
Dexamethasone suppression test lo...,
How does excess cortisol lead to ...
129  cards
3/10 heme/onc
Rbc membrane has what transporter,
130  cards
3/11 hematology
Pyruvate kinase deficiency e inhe...,
Why do rbcs need nadh nadph,
2 3 bpg level in pk deficiency
117  cards
3/14 heme/onc
Myelodysplastic syndromes can pro...,
Myelodysplastic syndromes cause,
Myelodysplastic syndromes whats m...
120  cards
3/15 pharm
Clearance can be impaired w defec...,
Clearance equation,
Loading dose equation
111  cards
3/16 Repro
Bicornuate uterus due to what,
Germ cell tumor inc t4 t3 whats t...,
Superficial inguinal nodes drain ...
123  cards
3/17 repro
Renal cell carcinoma most common ...,
Where do primary brain neoplasms ...,
Link btwn hypothyroidism amenorrh...
122  cards
3/20 repro
Female mature vs immature teratom...,
Granulosa cell tumor what can it ...,
Call exner bodies what do they lo...
113  cards
3/21 BS
Case control study prospective or...,
Clinical trial phase 1 who are th...,
Clinical trial phase 2 who are th...
78  cards
3/22 neuro
Short acting benzos mnemonic,
Essential tremor tx,
3 major types of glial cells
109  cards
3/23 Neuro
Subthalamic nucleus whats it do l...,
Parkinsons chemical imbalance,
Lewy bodies seen in what disease ...
113  cards
3/24 neuro
Corticospinal spinothalamic tract...,
Dc ml organization,
Lateral corticospnial vs lateral ...
129  cards
3/25 neuro
Retinitis seen in who common causes,
Central retinal artery occlusion ...,
Diabetic retinopathy what are the...
117  cards
3/26 Neuro
Fovea nasal or temporal optic dis...,
Anopia anopsia define,
Optic radiations the path from wh...
183  cards
3/27&28 psych
Cofactor for glutamate gaba trans...,
Fexofenadine what is it,
2nd get h1 blockers suffix exception
179  cards
3/29 psych
Relationship btwn p value alpha,
Alpha rate of which type of error...,
P probability of ___
147  cards
3/30 micro
Lipoteichoic acid where is it fou...,
Outer membrane whats the antigen,
Periplasm where is it found in wh...
213  cards
3/31 micro
All acid fast gram,
Which gram bug grows in alkaline ...,
Neisseria what gram stain what shape
192  cards
4/1 micro
Giardia lamblia how does it cause...,
Giardia lamblia major immune resp...,
Entamoeba histolytica what can it...
187  cards
4/2 micro
Give hiv mother what drug to prev...,
Where is ph the lowest in the nep...,
Hypertrphic cardiomyopathy what t...
168  cards
4/3 micro
Which cardiac abnormality causes ...,
In cardiac splitting of s2 which ...,
Systolic ejection murmur that inc...
133  cards
4/4 micro/rapidreview
Direction dilation of arteries in...,
Cilostazol mech use,
Argatroban mech use
99  cards
4/6&7 overall review
What is underlying pathophys of a...,
Alveolar wall destruction which d...,
Aneurysmal dilations usually have...
127  cards
4/8 biochem review
Amino acids necessary for purine ...,
Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase 1 ...,
Mycophenolate mech same mech as w...
150  cards
4/9 Biochem
Which enzyme is absent in pompe s...,
Fragile x syndrome defect affecti...,
Are power and sample size related
182  cards
4/10&11 biochem/overall
I hyper chylomicronemia whats the...,
I hyper chylomicronemia sxs,
I hyper chylomicronemia what will...
96  cards
4/12 overall
Macula adherens aka,
Zona occludens aka,
Tight junction zona occludens adh...
102  cards
4/13 overall
Musculocutaneous sensation where,
Supracondylar fracture of humerus...,
Lumbrical muscles actions
68  cards
4/16 overall
Infections in cgd mnemonic,
Nadph oxidase found in which orga...,
Eccrine sweat glands where are th...
42  cards
4/17 Uworld review
Non membrane bound cytoplasmic li...,
Anisocoria define,
Difficult swallowing choking when...
161  cards
4/20 CV/overall
Intracerebral neoplasms what are ...,
Construction worker w muscle spas...,
Causes of nephrogenic di
86  cards
4/22 overall
Chemotactic factors that call in ...,
Alpha mnemonic,
Lupus causes auto abs against blo...
101  cards
In vhl whats more common renal ce...,
Macrocytic anemia in alcoholic,
Would you ever use lumbar punctur...
24  cards
Do you pap smear pts w history of...,
Women age 30 65 how often should ...,
Initial triage of finding atypica...
69  cards
Initial stabilizing diagnostic me...,
Dose of nitroglycerin,
Dose of morphine
96  cards

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