11637 foundations of computational data science

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Decks in this class (14)

M1 U1 - Problem Identification - Q1
Interesting fact from gartners ab...,
Reasons for ds project failure,
Steps of a ds project
13  cards
M2 U1 - Distilling the Analytic Objective - Q1
At what point do you begin to def...,
Who is responsible for framing th...,
The problem underlying an analyti...
22  cards
M3 U1 - Data Science Lifecycle - Q1
Describe the major parts of the d...,
Define business understanding,
Define data acquisition
18  cards
M4 U2 - Requirements Overview - Q1
Describe requirements gathering,
List the stakeholder types,
Requirements gathering process steps
26  cards
M5 U2 - Requirements Gathering Techniques - Q1
What are the requirements gatheri...,
What s brainstorming,
What s document analysis
17  cards
Data Structures and Data Types Primer
How are lists stored in memory in...,
What are the rules for big o,
What s big onotation
31  cards
Memory Hierarchy Primer
What s the general trend with dat...,
List the memory hierarchy levels,
Describe how a memory hierarchy w...
6  cards
M6 U3 - Data Management - Q2
What is data understanding,
What is data acquisition,
What happens when the r
35  cards
M7 U3 - Data Types and Sources - Q2
What decides the,
What are the categories of data,
What s one interesting thing abou...
27  cards
numpy Primer
What s the benefit of numpy elabo...,
What s the heart of numpy,
What s the rank of an array
85  cards
Linear Algebra with NumPy Primer
What does this mean,
What does this mean,
What does this mean
52  cards
Pandas Primer
How do you read a comma delimited...,
How do you create a dataframe in ...,
How do you show a dataframe in pa...
56  cards
Recommender System Primer
What is collaborative filtering,
What are the data sources that ca...,
What do we know about data for co...
12  cards
Other pandas stuff
With a pandas df how do you find ...
1  cards

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11637 foundations of computational data science

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