343 pharm exam 6

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Chapter 35 : anticancer Drugs
When can we do chemotherapy think...,
What is neoadjuvant therapy,
What is palliative chemotherapy
31  cards
Chapter 34 : Vaccines
What is active immunity,
What is natural active immunity,
What is acquired artificial activ...
15  cards
Chapter 33 : immunologic Medications
What is a transplant,
What is the issue with organ tran...,
What do we do when a patient has ...
25  cards
Chapter 36 : Targeted Therapies To Treat Cancer
What is target cancer therapy,
What is the end result of targete...,
Targeted cell therapiesapproaches...
6  cards
Chapter 37 : Biologic Response Modifers
What is biologic response modifie...,
What is the function of biologic ...,
What is interferons alpha beta an...
26  cards
Chapter 47 : Eye And Ear Disorders
What is fluorsecin,
What else do we use to see the st...,
When patients have contacts they ...
36  cards
Chapter 48 : Dermatologic Disorders
What is nonpharamacolgic approach...,
What is acne vulgaris,
What is the treatment for acne ma...
44  cards
Chapter 52 : Pregancny And Preterm Labor
What are some changes in drug act...,
What are some factors that alter ...,
What is teratogens mean
31  cards
Chapter 53 : Labor, Delivery, Post Partum
Nonpharmacolgic pain control meas...,
What are two anesthetics for deli...,
What is the biggest thing to watc...
22  cards
Chapter 54 : Neonatal And Newborn
All babies when they are born wha...,
What is the indication of erythro...,
What is the indication of vitamin k
5  cards
Chapter 55 : Womens Reproductive Health
What is a combined hormonal contr...,
What is the action of combined ho...,
How can you administer combined h...
29  cards
Chapter 56 : Mens Reproductibe Health
Why do we use testosterone,
What is your side effects of test...,
What are the 2 big drug interacti...
12  cards
Chapter 57 : Sexually Transmitted Infections
How is sti transmitted,
What are common symptoms,
Best prevention of sti
15  cards
the final questions regarding all of the labor, men and sti
A pregnant patient who is prescri...,
A delivered patient who bled heav...,
Which are nursing interventions f...
12  cards

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