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3 radiation protection principles,
What is the inverse square law an...,
Pattern of attenuation
79  cards
OS- instrument quiz
What is the function of an elevator,
Coupland s elevator,
Cryer s
16  cards
OS-general anaesthetic in children
What anatomical aspects of a chil...,
Discuss a childs respiratory phys...,
Describe a childs temperature reg...
16  cards
OS- Complications & post-op instructions
What are the important topics for...,
Why do we leave the socket alone,
What everyday activities can disr...
31  cards
OS- basic surgical techniques
Mucoperiosteal flap,
Wide flap,
Discuss the important aspects of ...
11  cards
OS- Analgesia
When should a patient start takin...,
What causes the formation of pros...,
What do prostaglandins do
31  cards
OS- post extraction complications
What is the most common complicat...,
What is ecchymosis
25  cards
Pockets on a radiograph,
Pit or fissure caries
69  cards
Primary dentine types,
Vertucci type 1,
Vertucci type ii
164  cards
H&N- Week 1 (exterior Skull and spine)
Norma frontalis,
Norma lateralis
45  cards
H&N week 2- Triangles of neck.
Anterior triangle,
Label this diagram of the posteri...,
41  cards
H&N week 3- The face
Muscles of facial expression,
Label this diagram of the deep di...,
What is the medial palpebral liga...
26  cards
H&N week 4- Cranial cavity
Label this diagram of the arteria...,
Arterial blood supplies,
Label this diagram of the meninges
31  cards
H&N week 5- CN & floor & base of cranial cavity
Cranial nerve diagram,
What is an anaeursym,
What is the olfactory bulb
36  cards
H&N- week 6 (Brain & nerves)
What is the function of the centr...,
Precentral postcentral gyrus,
Lateral sulcus
36  cards
H&N week 7- Mandibular nerve & muscles of mastication
Pterygoid foeva,
What is the oblique line
34  cards
H&N week 8- Mouth & submandibular
Submandibular region,
Two parts of the submandibular sa...,
Posterior free edge of mylohyoid
27  cards
H&N week 9- maxillary nerve, nasal cavity.
Discuss the lining of the nasal c...
40  cards
H&N week 10- Pharynx & Soft palate.
Interior of pharynx,
Muscles related to styloid process,
Constrictor muscles of pharynx
48  cards
H&N week 11- Ear and Eye
Label this diagram of the ear,
Label this diagram of the middle ear,
Label this diagram of the inner ear
47  cards
Anatomy FC- specimens
Posterior triangle of neck,
Facial muscles,
Label this diagram of the deep di...
14  cards
Perio- Classification
What is periodontal health,
What is characteristic of periodo...,
What is plaque induced gingivitis
62  cards
Perio textbook
Perio disease symptoms,
Risk factor smoking,
Discuss the general oral health o...
105  cards
Compare dental fear anxiety and p...,
Discuss the phsyiological changes...,
Discuss the cognitive changes in ...
22  cards
Caries risk factors,
What must your treatment plan inc...,
How do we use the knee to knee ex...
9  cards
Paeds- prevention
Including fluoride use and fissure sealants
46  cards
What is a laceration,
Why do you check if a pateint can...,
How does trauma affect the patien...
125  cards
*****Paeds- child protection
Child protection v safeguarding,
Define children in need,
What is the child protection plan
18  cards
Paeds- SND
What barriers can children with s...,
List some of the aids that can be...,
What are some barriers for changi...
18  cards
PMHP-Changing behaviour
Compare the three types of consul...,
Discuss oars,
List the important factors in a c...
8  cards
DMS- porcelain
Disadvantages of using porcelain ...,
How is a porcelain metal restorat...,
How does the metal alloy provide ...
8  cards
DMS- Acrylic resin
What is transverse strength,
Compare heat cured acrylic dentur...,
Discuss the use of ultra hi as a ...
6  cards
DMS-wrought alloys
Stainless steel,
What is allotropic,
Describe iron as an allotropic alloy
14  cards
What is feldspar,
How do we make a feldspathic ceramic,
How do we make sintered ceramics
10  cards
What is the contact angle,
How do you measure the surface re...,
List the ideal properties for an ...
4  cards
DMS-investment materials
What are investment materials,
How do we select the most suitabl...,
What are the ideal requirements f...
20  cards
DMS-luting agents
What are luting agents,
What are the ideal properties of ...,
Compare zinc phosphate and zinc p...
30  cards
DMS-temporary materials
Pmma monofunctional,
Give the following for pema examp...,
Give the following for bis acryl ...
5  cards
SC-disability & impairment
Disability Sensory impairment Intellectual impairment
35  cards
Who is a bariatric patient,
Apart form an engergency imbalanc...,
Give some medical complications o...
11  cards
SC- haematology
What is the inr and when is it taken,
Discuss what we need to safely tr...,
What can caause variance in inr l...
17  cards
SC- Cardiology
Compare the two types of congenti...,
What are the dental consideration...,
How do we treat a patient with a ...
10  cards
SC- Liver disease
What are the features of a patien...,
List some causes of liver disease,
What is the ukeld score and how d...
11  cards
SC- Elderly
What is the oral health related q...,
What has been shown to positively...,
What has been shown to negatively...
33  cards
SC- medical conditions
Discuss the oral impacts of asthma,
How do you manage a dental patien...,
Discuss the oral manifestations o...
7  cards
What are the dental priorities be...,
How do we reduce treatment compli...,
At what granuloycte count should ...
29  cards
HUMANS- rheumatology
What is rheumatology,
Arthritis and athrosis,
What is athralgia
27  cards
HUMANS- Neuralgia
What is multiple sclerosis,
Compare the two types of multiple...,
How is multiple sclerosis treated
28  cards
HUMANS- Pregnancy
Compare the 3 trimesters of pregn...,
Why do we see the physical change...,
What hormonal changes are seen du...
9  cards
HUMANS- vaccinations
What vaccines are children expect...,
What vaccines should the child ha...,
What vaccines should the chidl ha...
10  cards
HUMANS- psychiatric diseases
What is the purpose of the scotti...,
When can the scottish mental heal...,
Compare neurosis and psychosis
27  cards
OPTEC- inlays/onlays/veneers
Inlays v onlays,
Why do we use inlaysinstead of di...,
How do we prepare a ceramic inlay
18  cards
OPTEC- Treatment planning
High smile line,
Middle smile line,
Low smile line
13  cards
OPTEC- periodontal considerations
What do w eneed to achieve before...,
What is the supracrestal attachment,
What happens if your restoration ...
28  cards
OPTEC- Occlusion
Compare rotation and translation,
What is posselts envelope,
31  cards
OPTEC-provisional restorations
What can provisional restorations...,
How does tooth preparatio affect ...,
What do you check to confirm the ...
9  cards
OPTEC- Tooth whitening
Smoking staining,
Chlorohexidine staining,
Iron supplements
37  cards
What is orthodontics,
Andrew s 6 keys,
What are the risks of orthodontic...
163  cards
Orthodontics- upper removable appliances
How does an upper removable appli...,
Discuss the advantages and disadv...,
What are the components of stainl...
46  cards
Microbiology in practice
Two functions of the microbiology...,
Name pathogens associated with pe...,
Name some pathogens associated wi...
22  cards
PAEDS- oral medicine
Primary herpetic gingivitis,
Hand foot and mouth
28  cards
PROS- Complete Dentures
Labial frenum,
Buccal sulcus,
The rugae area
77  cards
The bell curve,
When do we give a patient oxygen ...,
What is a disadvantage of the reb...
52  cards

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