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4) statistical methods

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1.1 Terminology
Does a sample mean the same thing...,
What is an individual observation,
What is the smallest unit in data...
63  cards
1.2 Graphical Representation of Sample Data
What are the two main types of plots,
What are examples of data plots,
What are examples of frequency plots
30  cards
1.3 Measures of Central Tendency for Sample Data
How many centers can there be for...,
What is the three m statistics,
When would a sample mode exist
21  cards
1.4 Measures of Dispersion for Sample Data
What does sample variance use as ...,
By definition the sample variance...,
What is the unit of sample variance
12  cards
1.5 The Summation Operator and its Properties
P3 p4
7  cards
Probability Distributions
Which probability distribution is...,
Which probability distribution is...,
Which probability distribution is...
9  cards
True or False Statements for the Midterm
The population mean parameter is ...,
The variance of a sample made of ...,
The expected value of the sum of ...
38  cards
Reasons for Incorrect Statements for the Midterm
23  cards
Midterm Review
Which type of qualitative data ma...,
Which type of qualitative data ma...,
Which type of qualitative data ma...
9  cards
Final - Multiple Choice Questions
A researcher wants to know how ma...,
A researcher is told that if the ...
91  cards
Final - Hypothesis Testing
Which distribution table is used ...,
Which distribution table is used ...,
Which distribution table is used ...
14  cards
Final - Theory
Unbiased e,
Biased e,
What is the variance of a precise...
18  cards

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4) statistical methods

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