clinical methods

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Midterm sample questions
137  cards
Lab Quiz
Which of the following is a cause...,
What size of the pupil is conside...,
Where is the best location to ass...
41  cards
Which organ is the heaviest compr...,
What are the three layers of skin,
What are the functions of skin
101  cards
Nerve and MS System
3 basic functions of the nervous ...,
Which type of nerve has the follo...,
Which type of nerve has the follo...
41  cards
Pictures and Diagrams
This is an example of what,
This is an example of what,
This is an example of what
16  cards
Cardiac Disorders and 12 Lead EKG
Ischemic heart disease,
Manifestations of ischemic heart ...,
Risk factors for cad
25  cards
Cardiac Disorders and 12 Lead EKG Part 2
33  cards
Cardiac Disorders and 12 Lead EKG Part 3
43  cards
Cardiac Disorders and 12 Lead EKG Part 4
44  cards
Cardiac Disorders and 12 Lead EKG Part 5
Views the heart in a vertical pla...,
In this frontal plane image limb ...,
Lead i created by making left arm...
42  cards
Cardiac IV: Cardiac Special Tests
What test is an inexpensive nonin...,
What test is most commonly used f...,
What test aids in developing appr...
56  cards
Peripheral Vascular System & Ischemia
What undesirable effect can arise...,
Where can you palpate pulses in t...,
Identify the veins
32  cards
Peripheral Vascular System & Ischemia Part 2
What may cause an mi 2,
What are some signs when diagnosi...
33  cards
Infectious Diseases
Only 2 new classes of antibiotics...,
What are the surgical infection p...,
What antibiotic has a broad antim...
65  cards
Cardiac III: Cardiac Diseases & 12-Lead EKG Part 1.5
What condition is this bp 140 90 ...,
The following conditions can deve...,
Optimal bp is ____ _____normal bp...
88  cards
Pulmonary Diseases & Axis, Hypertropy, Enlargement
Pulmonary embolism is a blockage ...,
What are the risk factors 3 for pe,
What are the 9 clinical manifesta...
70  cards
GI & GU Systems
Name the regions,
What organs will you find in the,
What organ s do does the upper gu...
62  cards
Anesthesia Consultation I
What is the purpose of the preope...,
Perioperative risk is multifactor...,
Surgical procedures and administr...
66  cards
Anesthesia Consultation II
What questions are asked during t...,
What questions do you ask during ...,
What questions do you ask during ...
26  cards
Lab Quiz questions
When testing the plantar reflex a...,
Which artery is not used to asses...,
Which of the following breath sou...
25  cards
Endocrine System
How are most hormones regulated p...,
How is the endocrine system,
The endocrine system helps regula...
71  cards
Herbal Medicines
Dietary supplements a special cat...,
The fda,
What are considered dietary suppl...
33  cards
Conduction Blocks
What is a,
3 types of conduction blocks,
What type of block
28  cards

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clinical methods

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