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Chapter 1 - Motherboards, Processors & Memory
Tell me 2 other names for the mot...,
What is the form factor that is d...,
I will list the types of itx tell...
36  cards
Chapter 2 - Storage Devices & Power Supplies
Tell me the 3 critical components...,
What are the two most common type...,
What is the hard drive what are p...
26  cards
Chapter 3 - Peripherals and Expansion
What are the 4 most common catego...,
What is the preferred expansion s...,
What is a riser card 3 134
25  cards
Chapter 4 - Display Devices
What are the special chemical dot...,
Explain dot pitch to me4 200,
Tell me the two types of lcd4 201...
26  cards
Chapter 5 - Custom Configurations
Workstations used in graphical co...,
What does cad mean 5 238,
If you have a workstation for edi...
25  cards
Chapter 6 - Networking Fundamentals
List the four different networks ...,
How large is a man 6 268,
According to the books definition...
26  cards
Chapter 9 - Understanding Laptops
The book defines a computer as po...,
What is a netbook computer 9 397,
Give me 5 ways that laptops diffe...
25  cards
Chapter 7 - Introduction to TCP/IP
The is the osi model and the tcp ...,
Make a parallel between the layer...,
What layer will you find icmp arp...
25  cards
Chapter 8 - Installing Wireless and SOHO Networks
Packets collide and the sender wi...,
In the original 80211 standard th...,
There are 4 main 80211 standards ...
25  cards
Chapter 11 - Understanding Operational Procedures
Considering safety hazards what i...,
When you begin to work on a power...,
Next to a power supply whats the ...
26  cards
Chapter 10 - Installing and Configuring Printers
Tell me the 4 types of printers10...,
Tell me the 2 major types of impa...,
Tell me the quality types for typ...
27  cards
Chapter 12 - Operating System Basics
Tell me the 3 major distinctions ...,
What is a shell 12 565,
Tell me the minimum requirements ...
25  cards
Chapter 13 - Operating System Administration
You are looking at the items in c...,
Tell me the diference between a w...,
What is driver signing for 13 616
25  cards
Chapter 14 - Working With Windows 7
Tell me the 3 retail versions of ...,
There are 5 version of windows 7 ...,
For the 5 versions of windows 7 t...
49  cards
Chapter 15 - Working With Windows Vista
There are 5 editions of windows v...,
Is aero available in all versions...,
Which versions of windows vista h...
25  cards
Chapter 16 - Working with Windows XP
For windows xp tell me the three ...,
What is something that ris and wd...,
When you want to remove the user ...
25  cards
Chapter 17 - Security
4 basic security elements17 799,
What is the objective of a physic...,
You have a mantrap and a key fob ...
25  cards
Chapter 18 - Mobile Devices
Tell me the two most prolific mob...,
Tell me two categories for source...,
Google play is a combination of w...
51  cards
Chapter 19 - Troubleshooting Theory, OSs & Security
Tell me the three things that sho...,
Tell me three questions you can a...,
What should you do when you encou...
29  cards
Chapter 20 - Hardware & Network Troubleshooting
Tell me the two common ways to re...,
Tell me some hardware related sym...,
When you are cleaning the power s...
34  cards

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