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Photosynthesis/respiration quiz
During the light independent reac...,
During the light independent reac...,
In the etc how many molecules of ...
25  cards
5A - Photosynthesis, respiration and ATP
What do plants need energy for,
What do animals need energy for,
Why do plant and animal cells nee...
55  cards
5A - Photosynthesis
Where does photosynthesis take place,
What are chloroplasts,
What are thylakoids
81  cards
5A - Limiting factors in photosynthesis
What are the factors that affect ...,
What are the optimum conditions f...,
Why is high light intensity of a ...
18  cards
5A - Photosynthesis experiments
What methods can be used when inv...,
What can you investigate in plant...,
What method can you use to invest...
23  cards
5A - Respiration
How many types of respiration are...,
What are the two types of respira...,
What do both types of respiration...
101  cards
5A - Respiration experiments
What can we investigate factors a...,
What single celled organisms can ...,
What specifically can we measure ...
12  cards
5B - Energy transfer in ecosystems
What do plants photosynthesise an...,
What does an ecosystem include,
What are producers
68  cards
5B - Farming practices and production
What do food chains and webs show,
What do food chains look like show,
What is each of the stages in a f...
23  cards
5B - Nutrient cycles
What 2 nutrient cycles do we need...,
What two things have an important...,
What is a natural ecosystem
74  cards
5B - Fertilisers and eutrophication
When are nutrients lost from the ...,
Where do crops get their minerals...,
Why do crops need minerals from t...
32  cards
6A - Nervous communication
How do animals increase their cha...,
As well as responding to changes ...,
Why do animals respond to changes...
52  cards
6A - Responses in plants and animals
What factors do plants respond to,
How do plants respond to stimuli,
What is a tropism
49  cards
6A - Receptors
What are receptors specific to,
Examples of receptors,
What do transducers do
74  cards
6A - Control of heart rate
What controls the regular beating...,
What does it mean that the heart ...,
How is heart rate controlled
38  cards
6B - Neurones
Are neurone cell membranes polari...,
Briefly how are neurone cell memb...,
What does it mean that the membra...
52  cards
6B - Synaptic transmission
What is a synapse,
What is the tiny gap between the ...,
What is the swelling on the presy...
70  cards
6B - Muscle contraction
What do muscles act in,
What is the type of muscle you us...,
What is a skeletal muscle
132  cards
6C - Homeostasis basics
What is homeostasis,
What can changes in your external...,
What does homeostasis involve
37  cards
6C - Control of blood glucose concentration
What is the regulation of blood g...,
What are the 2 types of glands,
What do exocrine glands do
153  cards
6C - The kidneys
What do the kidneys do,
What happens as blood passes thro...,
What happens to useful substances...
107  cards
6C - Controlling blood water potential
What do the kidneys regulate,
How is water lost in mammals,
What is osmoregulation
43  cards
7A - Inheritance
What does codes for mean,
Define gene,
Define allele
35  cards
7A - Linkage and epistasis
When is a characteristic said to ...,
What are examples of genetic diso...,
Why are males more likely than fe...
31  cards
7A - The Chi-squared test
What can the chi squared test be ...,
What is the chi squared test,
In the chi squared test what is t...
16  cards
7B - The Hardy-Weinberg principle
What do members of a population s...,
What is a species,
What is a population
20  cards
7B - Variation and selection
What can variation be caused by,
What is variation,
What does variation within specie...
35  cards
7B - Speciation and genetic drift
What is speciation,
When does speciation occur,
What when populations of a specie...
28  cards
7C - Ecosystems
29  cards
7C - Variation in population size
What is population size,
What is the maximum stable popula...,
What is carrying capacity
35  cards
7C - Investigating populations
What methods can be used for inve...,
Why is taking samples a method us...,
How do you carry out random sampling
23  cards
7C - Succession
What is succession,
When do the biotic conditions of ...,
What are the 2 types of succession
28  cards
7C - Conservation
What is conservation,
What are the ways to manage succe...,
What does sustainable mean
8  cards
8A - Mutations and Cancer (including data)
What are mutations,
What can mutations be caused by,
What can the rate of mutation be ...
112  cards
8A - Stem cells
How many types of cells can totip...,
What are stem cells,
What do stem cells divide to become
78  cards
8A - Regulation of transcription and translation
What do transcriptional factors c...,
What is the enzyme responsible fo...,
Why do all cells in an organism c...
115  cards
8A - Evaluating data on phenotypes
What is the phenotype of an organ...,
Explain how overeating is influen...,
Explain how antioxidant is influe...
8  cards
8B - Genome projects and making DNA fragments
What has allowed us to sequence t...,
What do gene sequencing methods o...
73  cards
8B - Amplifying DNA fragments (steps after isolation)
What does in vivo amplification i...,
What do you need to do once youve...,
What does it mean by amplificatio...
59  cards
8B - Using recombinant DNA technology
In vitro advantages,
In vitro disadvantages,
In vivo advantages
31  cards
8B - Gene probes and medical diagnosis
What method do we use to locate t...,
What are dna probes,
What do dna probes have a specifi...
32  cards
8B - Genetic fingerprinting
What is genetic fingerprinting,
What are dna bases which are non ...,
What does vntr stand for
24  cards

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