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Draw a water molecule with charges,
Describe structure of a water mol...,
Names the bond that can link two ...
33  cards
Describe what a microscope does a...,
Label a diagram of a light micros...,
Name and write the functions of t...
36  cards
Principles of biomolecules
Define the terms monomer,
Define the term polymer,
Define the term macromolecule
37  cards
State the elements present in car...,
State the general formula of carb...,
Define the term monosaccharide
31  cards
Cell structure
Define the term eukaryotic cell,
Define the term ultrastructure,
Draw diagrams of a typical plant ...
44  cards
State the elements present in lip...,
Define the term macromolecule,
State the 3 categories of lipids ...
19  cards
Draw and label a diagram of an am...,
Identify the part of an amino aci...,
State how many amino acids occur ...
32  cards
Cell Membrane
State 5 roles of membranes within...,
Define the term compartmentalisat...,
Define the term partially permeable
25  cards
Transport across membranes
Define the terms simple diffusion,
Define the terms facilitated diff...,
Define the terms osmosis
55  cards
Define the term enzymes,
Define the term substrate,
Define the term product
64  cards
Cell cycle, Mitosis and Meiosis
List the stages of the cell cycle...,
List the 3 stages of interphase i...,
Describe what happens during the ...
60  cards
Nucleic Acids and Nucelotides
Draw and label the basic structur...,
Draw a nucleotide showing the str...,
State the two main types of nucle...
33  cards
DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis
Explain why dna replication is ne...,
Define the term semi conservative...,
Describe the process of dna repli...
32  cards
Specialised Cells and Stem Cells
Outline the levels of organisatio...,
Define specialised,
Define differentiation
40  cards
Exchange surfaces- Mammalian gas exchange
Describe how diffusion distance s...,
State the formulae for the circum...,
Sa and vol of sphere
49  cards
Exchange surfaces- Insect and Fish gas exchange
Define the term exoskeleton,
Define the term spiracle,
Define the term trachea
29  cards
Transport in animals- Blood and tissue fluid
State 5 reasons why most animals ...,
Describe how diffusion distance s...,
Describe how the level of activit...
47  cards
Transport in animals- Heart
Label a diagram and a photograph ...,
Label a diagram and a photograph ...,
Explain why the heart is called a...
49  cards
Disease and the Immune response
Define the term communicable disease,
Define the term pathogen,
State the 4 different types of pa...
47  cards
The specific immune response and immunity
Define the term antigen and diffe...,
Define the term antibody,
Define the term antigen antibody ...
55  cards
Transport in plants
Describe the functions of the tra...,
Explain 2 reasons why multicellul...,
Define the term herbaceous
68  cards
Hard questions
Describe why facilitated diffusio...,
Explain why glucose cannot pass t...,
Suggest how the leaf of pondweed ...
44  cards
Classification and Evolution
Define the term classification,
Define the term taxonomy,
Define the term taxonomic group
87  cards
Define ecosystem,
Define community,
Define habitat
68  cards
Write out the overall chemical re...,
Describe the relationship between...,
Use the concept of bond energy to...
49  cards
Populations and Sustainability
Draw label and annotate with expl...,
Define abiotic factor,
Define biotic factor
92  cards
Define ecosystem,
Define community,
Define habitat
82  cards
Explain why all life needs to per...,
Explain why atp is a better immed...,
Draw label and annotate a diagram...
60  cards
Inorganic ions
Define inorganic,
Show the chemical symbol and biol...,
Show the chemical symbol and biol...
11  cards
Define the term clone,
Define the term asexual reproduction,
Define the term reproductive cloning
28  cards
Define biotechnology and give 3 e...,
Define microorganism and give two...,
Describe the reasons why microorg...
59  cards
Communication and homeostasis
Explain why multicellular organis...,
List the factors that need keepin...,
Explain why it is important to ke...
45  cards
Hormonal Communication
Define endocrine gland,
Define exocrine gland,
Define hormone
54  cards
Excretion and liver
Define the term excretion,
Explain the importance of excreti...,
Name the 3 main metabolic waste p...
19  cards
Cellular Control
Define mutation,
Define point mutation,
Define substitution
60  cards
Excretion and Kidney
Describe the location of the kidn...,
Name the 3 main areas of the kidn...,
Draw and label a diagram to show ...
40  cards
Kidney failure and medical diagnosis
Describe ways in which the kidney...,
Describe how the components of ur...,
Describe 6 effects of kidney failure
28  cards
Manipulating genomes
Define dna sequencing,
Define terminator bases,
Define high throughput sequencing
45  cards
Neuronal communication
What are 4 different types of rec...,
What does the mecahnoreceptor do,
What does the chemoreceptors
70  cards
Animal responses
Define central nervous system,
Define peripheral nervous system,
Define somatic nervous system
59  cards
Patterns of inheritance
Define the term variation,
Define the term interspecific var...,
Define the term intraspecific var...
86  cards
Plant responses
Explain why plants need to respon...,
List the different types of respo...,
Define the term tropism
57  cards
Genetic engineering
Define genetic engineering,
Define transgenic,
Define vector
37  cards
Animal responses- muscles
Draw label and annotate a diagram...,
Define muscle fibre,
Define myofibril
27  cards
Hard questions part 2
Oestrogen is lipid soluble which ...,
How can something lead to excessi...,
Suggest three improvements to thi...
3  cards
Biochemical tests for molecules
Describe the test for reducing su...,
What is in benedicts reagent,
What causes the change in colour ...
15  cards

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