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Plasma membrane,
Cell wall,
52  cards
Manipulating Genomes
What is pcr used for,
What do you need in the reaction ...,
50  cards
Evolution Etc
Behavioural adaptations,
Physiological adaptations,
Anatomical adaptations
8  cards
Elements present in carbohydrates,
General formula of carbohydrates,
29  cards
Describe the structure of a water...,
Name the bond that can link two w...,
Explain what a hydrogen bond is w...
17  cards
Describe what a microscope does,
Name 4 different types of microscope,
Main components of a light micros...
42  cards
The Principles of Bio Molecules
Define the term monomer,
Define the term polymer,
Define the term macromolecules
36  cards
Why are enzymes necessary to life
47  cards
Transport in plants
State one function of xylem tissue 1,
State the function of this spiral...,
Explain the function of the pits ...
4  cards
Exchange and Transport
Name one type of epithelial tissu...,
Explain why the lungs can be cons...,
Outline the mechanism of inspirat...
46  cards
Blood vessels, blood, and tissue fluid 3.1.2
State three ways in which the wal...,
Blood in the arteries has a high ...,
Explain why the hydrostatic press...
13  cards
Communicable disease,
4 types of pathogen
64  cards
Transport in Plants
What are the 3 reasons plants nee...,
Why do a plants metabolic demands...,
Why does a plants size mean it ne...
36  cards
Transport in Animals
What are the 5 reasons animals ne...,
Mass flow,
114  cards
Cell specialisation and stem cells
Specialisations of erythrocytes 3,
Specialisations of neutrophils 2
18  cards
What is the other name for antibo...,
Antibody structure,
Variable region
36  cards
plant exam qs
Describe how the apparatus should...,
Explain how hairs around the stom...,
Why do large plants need a transp...
22  cards
breathing exam qs
Describe the features of the lung...,
What happens to bronchus wall in ...,
Why do alveoli walls contain elas...
11  cards
generally fucked for biology
Dry mount,
Wet mount
2  cards
classification and evolution
Taxonomic groups
6  cards
The nearer an area is to the equator,
What are the 3 levels biodiversit...,
Habitat biodiversity
13  cards
Classification and Evolution
0  cards
0  cards
Ecosystems hard qs
Explain the differences in the of...,
Explain what is meant by biologic...,
Explain what is meant by sustaina...
5  cards
Genetic engineering
Transgenic gmo,
Sticky ends,
Most common technique to isolate ...
19  cards
Communication and homeostasis
Why do multicellular organisms ne...,
Factors that need to be kept cons...,
Why is it important to keep the c...
29  cards
Hormonal communication
Endocrine gland,
Exocrine gland,
3  cards
Ecosystems 6.3.1
Examples of biotic factors,
Examples of abiotic factors
41  cards
Populations and Sustainability 6.3.2
Factors that determine the size o...,
Carrying capacity,
Density independent factors
22  cards
Biotechnology 6.2.1
Why are microorganisms used in bi...,
Brewingmicroorganism usedprocess ...
33  cards
Cloning 6.2.1
5 examples of natural cloning in ...,
Production of natural clones of p...,
What is vegetative production
26  cards
3.1.2 transport in animals
The need for transport systems in...,
Single circulatory system,
Double circulatory system
5  cards
Plant responses 5.1.5
Types of plant responses,
Role of auxin,
Role of giberellin
20  cards

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