edexcel business studies (theme 4) :!:

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Chapter 66- Growing Economies
How major economies are developing,
Benefits of economic growth,
Drawbacks of economic growth
9  cards
Chapter 68- Factors Contributing to Increased Globalisation
Features of globalisation,
Factors leading to globalisation
10  cards
Chapter 69- Protectionism
What are the protectionist measures,
Methods to restrict trade,
Administrative barriers
11  cards
Chapter 70- Trading Blocs
Trading blocs can be created in n...,
Preferential trading area pta,
Free trade area fta
13  cards
Chapter 71- Conditions that Promote Trade
Factors which affect internationa...,
Push factors,
Pull factors
7  cards
Chapter 72- Assessment of a country as a Market
Disposable income,
Ease of doing business,
6  cards
Chapter 73- Assessment of a Country as a Production Location
Locating production,
According to research in 2014 the...,
A business will need to consider
11  cards
Chapter 74- Reasons for Global Mergers and Joint Ventures
Joint venture,
Benefits disadvantages of a joint...,
Reasons why businesses join together
5  cards
Chapter 75- Global Competitiveness
Multinational corporations mncs o...,
Effect of exchange rate fluctuati...,
The significance of changes in th...
9  cards
Chapter 76- Marketing
Global marketing strategy,
Different types of marketing appr...
6  cards
Chapter 77- Niche Markets
Global niche market,
Features of global niche markets,
Why are customers prepared to pay...
4  cards
Chapter 78- Cultural/Social Factors
Doing business,
Cultural audit,
7  cards
Chapter 79- The Impact of MNC’s
Impact of mncs on the local economy,
Local labour and job creation,
Wages and working conditions
12  cards
Chapter 80- Ethics
International ethics,
Stakeholder conflicts,
Stakeholder issues can arise in a...
15  cards
Chapter 81- Controlling MNC’s
Political influence,
Competition policy,
Direct action
6  cards

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edexcel business studies (theme 4) :!:

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