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Explain why the lattice enthalpy ...,
Explain how haemoglobin transport...,
What colour is cro
14  cards
Exam Improvements
Which element reacts with water t...,
What colour compounds do group 2 ...,
What is a use for barium sulfate
47  cards
Module 6: Chapter 29 - Chromatography and Spectroscopy
What is chromatography,
What is a chromatogram,
What do all forms of chromatograp...
94  cards
Module 6: Chapter 28 - Organic Synthesis
What is the importance of carbon ...,
How can you form a nitrile from h...,
What are the conditions to form a...
102  cards
Module 6: Chapter 27 - Amines, Amino Acids, and Polymers
What are amines,
What is an aliphatic amine,
What is an aromatic amine
99  cards
Module 6: Chapter 26 - Carbonyls and Carboxylic Acids
What is formaldehyde,
What is acetone,
What is methanal formaldehyde use...
91  cards
Module 6: Chapter 25 - Aromatic Chemistry
What does the kekule structure of...,
What is the molecular formula of ...,
What is the relative formula mass...
107  cards
Module 5: Chapter 24 - Transition Elements
What are d block elements,
What is common between all d bloc...,
What are some uses of d block ele...
128  cards
Module 5: Chapter 23 - Redox and Electrode Potentials
What is the charge of co,
What is the oxidation state of ni...,
What is the thiosulfate ion
80  cards
Module 5: Chapter 22 - Enthalpy and Entropy
What is lattice enthalpy,
What is the shorthand writing of ...,
What type of energy change is lat...
60  cards
Module 5: Chapter 21 - Buffers and Neutralisation
What are ph indicators,
What is universal indicator,
What is the colour of ha in methy...
83  cards
Module 5: Chapter 20 - Acids, Bases, and pH
What is the solubility of group 1...,
What is the solubility of nitrate...,
What is the solubility of halides
72  cards
Module 5: Chapter 19 - Equilibrium
What are the units for kc,
How do you determine the units of kc,
What are the 2 types of dynamic e...
28  cards
Module 5: Chapter 18 - Rates of Reaction
What is rate of reaction,
What are the units for rate of re...,
What is the short hand for concen...
68  cards
Module 4: Chapter 17 - Spectroscopy
What is the structure of an elect...,
What happens when an atom molecul...,
What happens when an atom molecul...
41  cards
Module 4: Chapter 16 - Organic Synthesis
What does a basic set of quickfit...,
What is heating under reflux,
Why is reflux used
58  cards
Module 4: Chapter 15 - Haloalkanes
What is a haloalkane,
What is a haloarene,
What is the solubility of haloalk...
49  cards
Module 4: Chapter 14 - Alcohols
What is the density of water,
What causes the differences in ph...,
How does the volatility and boili...
34  cards
Module 4: Chapter 13 - Alkenes
What is hybidisation,
Explain hybridisation in carbon a...,
What is 2sp hybridisation in carbon
85  cards
Module 4: Chapter 12 - Alkanes
What are alkanes,
What is a sigma bond bond,
What is the shape of alkanes
21  cards
Module 4: Chapter 11 - Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry
What is organic chemistry,
What is the functional group of a...,
What is the general structure of ...
187  cards
Module 3: Chapter 10 - Reactions Rates and Equilibrium
What is the rate of reaction,
What is the equation for rate of ...,
What are the units for rate of re...
69  cards
Module 3: Chapter 9 - Enthalpy
What is enthalpy,
What is enthalpy change,
What type of process is breaking ...
56  cards
Module 3: Chapter 8 - Reactivity Trends
How does 1st ionisation energy ch...,
How does melting point change dow...,
How does atomic radius change dow...
87  cards
Module 3: Chapter 7 - Periodicity
Describe mendeleevs periodic table,
How many elements have been disco...,
How many periods are there in the...
69  cards
Module 2: Chapter 6 - Shapes of Molecules and Intermolecular Forces
What is electron pair repulsion t...,
Explain electron pair repulsion t...,
How is a bond in the plane of the...
104  cards
Module 2: Chapter 5 - Electrons and Bonding
What are electrons arranged into,
How many electrons can 1 orbital ...,
Describe the 2 electrons in an or...
79  cards
Module 2: Chapter 4 - Acids and Redox
What are concordant results,
What is the general ionic equatio...,
What is a precipitation reaction
55  cards
Module 2: Chapter 3 - Amount of substance
What is a mole,
What is avogadro s constant,
What is the molar mass of a subst...
74  cards
Module 2: Chapter 2 - Atoms, Ions, and Compounds
What is the relative charge of a ...,
What is the relative charge of an...,
What is the relative charge of a ...
55  cards
Module 1: Chapter 1 - PAG's
What is the method for determinin...,
What are 2 errors in the procedur...,
Pag 21how do you prepare a standa...
6  cards

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