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Ion and formulae
When metals react what do they te...,
Group 1 ions charge,
Group 2 ions charge
35  cards
Relative masses
Atomic proton number,
Z symbol,
Mass number
32  cards
Mass spectrometry
4 stages of mass spectrometry,
Ways to ionise the sample,
Electrospray ionisation
35  cards
Electron configurations and orbitals
Principle quantum number,
First shell closest to nucleus pr...,
Second shell principle quantum nu...
25  cards
First ionisation energy,
Second ionisation energy,
Successive ionisation energies
37  cards
How does the radius change across...,
Does the increasing electrons aff...,
How does the atomic radius change...
33  cards
Formulae, amounts and equations terminology
The mole,
Avogadro s constant,
Molar mass
13  cards
Yield and atom economy
Actual yield,
Theoretical yield
17  cards
Avogadros constant,
What is the molar mass of a subst...
23  cards
How do volumes of gases react wit...,
Avogadro s law,
Why is avogadro s law useful
24  cards
10  cards
Standard solution,
What can standard solutions be us...,
What makes up a standard solution
45  cards
Mistakes, errors, uncertainties
Systematic error,
Random error
20  cards
Covalent bonding
Covalent bond definition,
How is a covalent bond formed,
What atomic orbitals overlap in c...
38  cards
Shapes of molecules
What determines the shape of a mo...,
What is the name of the theory wh...,
What does valence shell electron ...
22  cards
Giant covalent structures
What can covalent bonding lead to,
How do giant covalent lattices form,
Examples of giant covalent struct...
16  cards
Ionic bonding
Ionic bonding,
What is an ionic structure,
How are ions arranged in a lattice
29  cards
Metallic bonding
What is metallic bonding,
A metallic structure description,
Metal properties
13  cards
What measures electronegativity,
What element has the highest elec...
24  cards
Intermolecular interactions
What are intermolecular forces,
3 types of intermolecular forces,
Where do london forces act between
30  cards
Properties of water
Ice properties
4  cards
If a substance dissolves in a sol...,
2 types of solvent,
Polar solvents
13  cards
Organic chemistry
Saturated hydrocarbons,
Unsaturated hydrocarbons,
How to represent a molecule
18  cards
Structural isomers
What are structural isomers,
3 types of structural isomers,
Chain isomers
14  cards
What is a hydrocarbon,
General formula for alkanes
26  cards
Crude oil,
What is fractional distillation,
Step 1 of fractional distillation
36  cards
Cracking + reforming
What is cracking,
Why is cracking done,
2 types of cracking
16  cards
What type of hydrocarbon are alkenes,
Alkenes functional group
56  cards
What are stereoisomers,
2 types of stereoisomers,
2 types of geometric isomers
12  cards
How can alkenes act as monomers t...,
Addition polymerisation
23  cards
organic chemistry reactions conditions
Catalytic cracking conditions,
Thermal cracking conditions,
Catalyst for reforming
11  cards
Redox i
Oxidation number,
Oxidation number of un combined e...,
Oxidation of monatomic ions
24  cards
Group 1 and 2 reactions
How does reactivity change down t...,
How does the ionisation energy ch...,
How does the melting point change...
40  cards
Group 1 and 2 thermal stability
Thermal decomposition,
Thermal stability affect on therm...,
What affects the stability of a c...
17  cards
Group 1 and 2 flame tests
Lithium ions,
Sodium ions,
Potassium ions
14  cards
Group 7
Group 7 elements,
What state is fluorine at room te...,
What colour is fluorine gas
32  cards
Group 7 reactions
What type of agents do most halog...,
Halogens are normally in a reaction,
Halogens reaction with less react...
36  cards
Group 7 reducing power
When do halogens act as reducing ...,
What do halogens usually act as,
Trend of halide ions reducing power
14  cards
Testing for group 7 ions
Step 1,
Step 2
14  cards
Test for carbonate ions
What does this test for,
Step 1,
What happens when mixed with dilu...
7  cards
Test for sulfates
What does this test for,
Step 1,
Why add dilute hydrochloric acid
6  cards
Test for ammonium ions
What is this testing for,
Step 1,
Why add sodium hydroxide
6  cards
Kinetics 1
Collision theory,
Activation energy,
Energy profile diagram
23  cards
What are catalysts,
Catalysts before and after a reac...,
Are catalysts specific to one rea...
14  cards
What can halogenoalkanes with jus...,
Primary halogenoalkane
36  cards
What types of alcohol are there,
Primary alcohol,
Secondary alcohol
22  cards
Oxidation of alcohols
Oxidising by burning in oxygen,
What oxidising agent can be used ...,
What are the rules of oxidising a...
24  cards
Organic techniques
5 organic techniques,
Why is reflux done,
Reflux apparatus
17  cards
What is enthalpy,
Enthalpy symbol,
What can we use to measure enthal...
30  cards
Determining enthalpy change of combustion
Equipment used,
Overall idea of this method,
Why do we use this method
22  cards
Determining enthalpy change of reaction
What is enthalpy change of reaction,
What type of reaction are we doing,
Step 1
13  cards
Hess’s law and Hess cycles
Hess s law states that,
Why is hess s law useful,
What are these questions usually ...
3  cards
Bond Enthalpy
How can bond enthalpy be worked out,
Breaking bonds is,
Making bonds is
10  cards
Reversible reactions,
How are reversible reactions repr...,
What is equilibrium
26  cards
Kc constant
What is kc,
What 2 methods are used to calcul...,
Homogeneous equilibrium
9  cards
Finding the number of water molecules in a hydrated salt
Step 1,
How to find mass of water in the ...,
Step 2
5  cards
Elimination reactions
What does elimination of a haloge...,
What does halogenoalkane react wi...,
How is water formed in an elimina...
11  cards
Mass spectrometry
4 steps,
Molecular ion peak,
What is the m z of the molecular ...
14  cards
Infrared spectroscopy
What is ir,
What happens in ir,
Carbonyl group peak
5  cards

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