a level computer science paper 1

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1.1.1 Processors, input, output and storage
What does a cpu design depend on
32  cards
1.3.3 Networks Pt1
Network advantages,
Network disadvantages
41  cards
1.4.2 Data Structures
Index of arrays,
Multi dimensional arrays
61  cards
1.4.1 Data Types - Character sets
How signals work,
How many combinations of values c...,
13  cards
1.4.1 - Data Types - Using binary
Primitive data types,
How to know what data type a valu...
51  cards
1.2.4 Types Of Programming Language
Programming paradigm,
Imperative languages,
3 types of imperative language
29  cards
1.1.2 Types of Processor
Von neumann architecture,
Von neumann advantages,
Harvard architecture
18  cards
1.1.3 Input and Output Devices
Manual input devices,
Qr codes
26  cards
1.1.3 Storage
20  cards
1.2.1 System Software pt 1
Operating system,
Do you interact with the os,
Os functions
35  cards
1.2.1 System Software p2
Distributed operating system,
Multi tasking operating system,
Multi user operating system
12  cards
1.2.2 Applications Generation
Applications software,
4 types of application software,
Database management software
48  cards
1.2.3 Software Development - Lifecycle
What is the software development ...,
Documentation of analysis
14  cards
1.2.3 Software Development - Methodologies
Waterfall model,
Waterfall advantages,
Waterfall disadvantages
16  cards
1.4.3. Boolean Algebra
Logic gates,
Combining logic gates,
Not gate
25  cards
1.5.1 Computer Related Legislation
Computer misuse act 1990 3 rules,
Computer misuse act how to be gui...,
Computer misuse act how to be gui...
16  cards
1.5.2 Ethical and Moral Issues
Social issues
21  cards
1.3.1 - Compression, Encryption, Hashing
Compression advantages,
Compression disadvantages,
Lossy compression
23  cards
1.3.3 Networks - The Internet
World wide web,
52  cards
1.3.2 Databases
Database advantages,
33  cards
1.3.2 Databases pt2
First normal form,
Second normal form
21  cards
1.3.4 Web Technologies
What do html elements consist of,
Beginning and ending a html document
29  cards
1.3.4 Web Technologies pt2
Web crawler,
Meta tags
21  cards

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